Construction Fast & Furious at Stockton Gateway Project in Atlantic City. VIDEO.

Our latest pictures & video from the Stockton University project, at Albany and the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Jingoli is the general contractor. Construction progress moving ahead full speed.

It’s a beautiful thing to behold. A mechanical ballet of heavy equipment; jack hammers, bulldozers and cranes.

Adjacent Ventnor & Atlantic City property values showing signs of life.

Investors sniffing around for property that could house their Stockton student-friendly business.

Need a seasoned Real Estate agent that knows this area like the back of his hand?

Call Larry Campbell at BALSLEY/LOSCO.  609-442-6972

Classes begin FALL 2018.


CLICK HERE > Video of Stockton FALL 2018


  1. Overall good news in a city with continued negative press, but the original Island Campus at the former Showboat Hotel would have delivered immediate economic diversity in the summer of 2015, not the fall of 2018, as with the Gateway Project. The outlay of capital would have also been much less, likely $100 million, even with the alterations required to transform a hotel into an educational facility.

    I agree that this development will benefit the Albany Avenue area, but I would argue that the South Inlet could have used it more. I’m sure Pauline’s Prairie would not be sitting vacant with a university right next door; Boraie would have had shovels in the ground.

    Let’s not forget the details of why this didn’t happen, a ridiculous deed restriction between players who only looked out for themselves and not in the best interest of Atlantic City. We heard that having a school next to a casino was a bad idea, from a company which ultimately went out of business. We were told by one executive, “My daughter wasn’t getting play dates.”

    Maybe in the end the Island Campus will work out better at Albany Avenue than at Showboat. However, wouldn’t it have been nice to have additional people in the city three years sooner and more life in the South Inlet?

    1. So true. The ridiculous deed restriction should have been removed from the Showboat property. The city needs an infusion of positivity right now! And Mr. Blatstein appears to be focusing on Showboat and is seriously neglecting the Playground (Pier at Caesars). More stores are leaving soon…further depressing the likelihood of success for those who hang in there!
      I think the city needs to adopt a theme…other than casino gaming. The restaurants in AC are diverse and excellent so why are they (anyone in any position of authority within AC government, CRDA, Redevelopment Authority, advertising community, etc ) not highlighting AC as a hub of food and wine excellence. I’m certainly not the first to suggest capitalizing on the up-and-coming wineries nearby. Let’s use what we have going for us! Advertise regionally as the center of food and wine, great entertainment, hotels near the ocean, and by the way you can also gamble!

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