Faulty Flounder Research Could Sink Summer Fishing Season 2017

Ray Scott's Dock in Margate
Robin Scott of Ray Scott’s Dock in Margate

Proposed regulations using faulty research could put another nail in the coffin for flounder fishing along the South Jersey shore. New proposed regulations would force people to throw back any flounder less than 19 inches.

Those 19 inch flounder are the female breeders. Regulators want the mama flounders to be the keepers. It doesn’t make sense.

Listen to the Fish Jersey Shore Podcast for April 21, 2017.

Robin Scott of in Margate is not backing down. She, along with Dick Herb, Chairman of the Marine Fisheries Council, and Bucktail Willie aka Bill Shillingford were guests on the recent Shep on Fishing radio show on WOND Radio. They have steam coming out of their gills…. I mean ears….. as they impatiently wait for a May 10 decision that could destroy the summer flounder season for recreational fishermen.


Second biggest industry in New Jersey. Fishing. Makes sense. We’re next to a lot of water…fresh & salt

Who wants to kill this critical portion of the NJ economy? We’re chasing away recreational fishermen to Delaware and Maryland in the Outer Banks.

Did ya know… licensed Delaware anglers can pillage New Jersey’s flounder since they’re able to take home a 17-incher….even in NJ waters. NJ boaters can’t do that in Delaware.

Are we dealing with faulty flounder research? Is the management and monitoring of our New Jersey fisheries accurate?

There’s no shortage of Seabass or Flounder. That’s what most fishermen say. But under new proposed regulations, any flounder that you’re allowed to keep is going to be a 19 inch female… which is a breeder.

The regulators use a vessel called THE BIGELOW….to fish alongside the big commercial fishermen. Many think they’re not fishing properly. They’re either using the wrong equipment… or they’re just poor fishermen.

Robin Scott: We look like fishing villages, without absolutely no fishing.

The economic impact of harmful fishing regulations in South Jersey is going to be significant. Even though the Angelou Economics Report from last year….made it very clear that diversification of the Atlantic County economy was critical. Fishing is still being overlooked as key economic driver that needs better awareness.

While we placed so much focus on casinos and real estate…everything else was withering. 40 years of casino focus, almost totally & literally killed much of Atlantic City. Look at how Gardner’s Basin was was ignored….

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