Atlantic City Considers Offshore Wind Farms

Imagine the New Jersey coast littered with a forest of 500 wind turbines. All seen from our sandy shores. Listen to clips from the latest SHEP ON FISHING radio show. They discuss the potential harm brought about by offshore wind farms. Show notes: SHEP ON FISHING. WOND Radio 1400am. 3.16.19 No guarantee that this so-called…


How New Jersey Commercial Fishing Could Become Privatized

South Jersey fishermen are already feeling the effects of onerous, recreational fishing rules and regulation. Impossible ‘keeper’ sizes and over-development along the shoreline have decimated party boats, bait n tackle shops, and other water-based attractions. Now, commercial fishermen could soon be feeling a heavier hand of the federal government, NOAA and myriad regional fishery councils….

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Jersey Shore Fishing Hurt By Dredging and Beach Building

Fishing, marine life and environmental tourism being negatively affected along the South Jersey shoreline. No one is doing a study on the negative impact of dredging, beach replenishment, outfall pipes, and dune building. Stockton Coastal Research Center in cahoots with ACOE, Army Corp of Engineers? Audio clips from Shep on Fishing radio show. Jan. 26, 2019….

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Flounder Regulations and Size Limit Discussion. Summer 2019.

Recreational Fishing Update. Some show notes from the recent ‘Shep on Fishing’ Radio Show. WOND Radio. 12.15.2018 Special guest is Adam Nowalski, an advocate for recreational fishermen at the ASMFC, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and MAFMC, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Difficult to enact so-called ‘slot limits’ … because you need both minimal & maximum size….

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Listen: Rack and Fin Radio. July 21. NJ State Puts More Pressure on Fishing

Tom P. from Rack & Fin Radio wonders if NJ Gov Murphy is weaponizing environmentalist groups. This could help him increase control over hunting & fishing in the state. Claims of anti-hunter. Anti-fisherman. Green Social Justice Warrior? Jersey Fishing News. Listen to Rack & Fin Radio. WPG 1450 am.  July 21, 2018. Guest: Tom Fote. Topics:…

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Fluke Fishing Best In Years, But Politically Biased Catch Limits Still Hurt Business

Fluke fishing in South Jersey is hot. The best in years. But did you know that politics plays a major role in your ability to take home a keeper? Good grief. It’s true. Good questioning from Bucktail Willie, asking outgoing Congressman Frank LoBiondo. Would a Democrat vote to reduce recreational fishing? Others fear that Jeff…

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Atlantic City Area Fishermen Vs. Army Corp of Engineers

It’s not just Jersey Shore homeowners that hate dunes, dredging and beach work. Recreational fishermen are now joining the fight against questionable, expensive work by the Army Corp of Engineers and the NJ DEP. ‘Tourism, Real Estate and fishing have been clearly damaged by beach replenishment, dredging and un-needed dune building,’ says a group of…