Hansen Sober-Living Not Following Local Code in Lower Chelsea, Atlantic City

Keeping a close eye on how Hansen Sober Living is expanding in the usually quiet, Lower Chelsea neighborhood of Atlantic City.  

Atlantic City homeowners watching in disbelief.

Hansen Sober Living not required to follow local Atlantic City zoning and land-use laws. Similar things likely happening in Ventnor as well. 

Frustrations over the sober living Hansen House currently being built on Tallahassee Ave. Even on Christmas day. Late into the night. 

Hansen allegedly told a neighbor they’re turning the house into an in-patient, level 3 housing facility, with a full-time staff member. Residents / patients will go for treatments Monday through Saturday, 8a to 4p. 

I’m not sure how this is a residential house. There’s an army of people moving stuff into this house. 

Dale Finch, Director of License and Inspections for Atlantic City says city doesn’t have jurisdiction. Can’t look into it. Can’t step foot on the property. NJ State deals with it.

Atlantic City Hansen Sober Living Chelsea

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  1. As reported here, “Atlantic City… doesn’t have jurisdiction…. NJ State deals with it.” Lucky for us our very own Don Guardian is now in NJ State Gov’t. and can help us! Can’t he? What do you say Don? Help?

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