Hipper Miss America Shines Spotlight on Atlantic City’s Rebirth

2016 Miss America Atlantic City
2016 Miss America. Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

The excitement in Atlantic City reached a climax Sunday night as Miss Georgia; Betty Cantrell, was crowned Miss America 2016. The spiffy new Boardwalk Hall served the 52 contestants and over 10,000 attendees well. Not too big. Not too small. Really a great place to see a show, whether Miss America, Madonna, ice hockey or a political convention.

A fresher, hipper Miss AC? We think so. Pageant Chairman Sam Haskell opened the show with a ‘welcome back’ and an apology to head judge, Vanessa Williams. Back in 1984, Williams had to resign over some artistic, yet nude photos that were discovered. Today, pics like those would barely elicit a yawn.

Here’s hoping that Atlantic City and the Miss America organization can extend it’s deal to keep Miss A here on the Boardwalk. These two classic entities are perfectly suited to help each other re-invent, refresh, and renew for a much changed world.

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