History of Fox Manor & CRDA’s Mis-Management of Tourism District

The Fox Manor Hotel on Pacific Ave was the “Honeymoon Hotel of Atlantic City.” That was back in the 40’s and 50’s. Today, it’s another example of how the CRDA feels about non-casino property in Atlantic City.

The Fox Manor may feature bed bugs, drug dealers and other undesirables. It sits in the shadows of Tropicana Casino and is part of the AC Tourism District.

Atlantic City Tourism District is controlled by State of NJ via CRDA, & funded by casinos.

Mildred and Tom Fox came to Atlantic City in the 1930’s. The Foxes took over the Embassy Apartments building, and transformed it into Fox Manor.

Fox Manor was the first AC hotel to provide a color-tv in each room. Guests could swim at the nearby Ambassador Hotel. The Fox property would sell packages & deals that would include Boardwalk attractions. 

Fox Manor reportedly hosted more honeymoons than anywhere else in the country. As the motel craze died down, Fox Manor changed things up in 1958, providing housing for those in need.

Mildred Fox was the first president of the women’s division of the Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce. She lobbied for legalized gambling as a way to improve Atlantic City as early as 1958. She died in the Fox Manor Hotel in 2002, at the age of 92. The hotel still operates today, but Mildred would not be happy with what she would find.

Citizen Complaints Lead to Two Arrested, Handgun and Cocaine Seized

On November 12, 2016, patrol units conducted a walk-through of the Fox Manor Hotel, located at 2707 Pacific Avenue, in response to numerous citizen complaints regarding the distribution of narcotics. As a result, two males were arrested and officers located a handgun and cocaine.

There is an ongoing street crimes initiative for this street area between Tropicana & Caesars. Tennessee Ave has also seen extra patrols deployed. Ex-offender housing, needle exchanges and other social services are concentrated in the tourism district, just steps from Tennessee Ave and the Atlantic City Boardwalk.


  1. The city will never be anything until they clean up pacific ave from the trop to georgia ave.the drug zone around tenn ave.the library is like a war zone and tenn from Atlantic to pacific down to ocean.its only a small area doesnt take a genius to see whats going on.

    1. Well it’s 2018. If they hadn’t done it now, they aren’t never going to DO IT !!! FACE IT. ATLANTIC SHITTY IS A CORRUPT BANKRUPT, DANGEROUS SMELLY “SHIT HOLE”.

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