Atlantic City & Atlantic County Ready for COVID-19?

Atlantic City Mayor

Who exactly, is responsible for communicating COVID-19 info to citizens of AC? Does Atlantic City have PIO? (Public Information Officer)

Why doesn’t AC CITY HALL have a Facebook page? Why is Mayor Marty Small locking down his tweets? Who’s in charge of sharing LOCAL Coronavirus info?

Who’s in charge of Atlantic City’s OEM? (Office of Emergency Management)

AC Mayor NBA chatter? Marty Small. Grow up.

Mayor Small, do your job. In this time of crisis, your job is NOT to jerk around trying to attract a few NBA games to Boardwalk Hall.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small. You sir, need to start leading. And while you’re at it, light a fire under the ass of your homeboy wingman, Ernest Coursey.

Atlantic County Freeholders

As an Atlantic County Freeholder, Coursey needs to protect inner-city & regional residents by pushing for local COVID 19 testing sites.

Note to Stockton President Harvey Kesselman: Prepare to convert Stockton AC dorms into hospital rooms?

In times of crisis, real leaders emerge. So far, real leaders are in very short supply in South Jersey.

  • County Exec Denny Levinson #FAIL
  • County Chairman Formica #FAIL
  • Senator Brown #FAIL
  • AC Mayor Small #FAIL

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