Local Atlantic City Elite: MUA Payouts, Benefits and Rate Hikes

Atlantic City john schultz gary hill mayor don guardian
Schultz, Furtato, Guardian, Hill. Photo: SJmagazine

Another financial hosing revealed in Atlantic City. This time: revolving around so-called Atlantic City elite and the AC water company, better known as the MUA. Cash bonus payouts, sweet benefits, insider scams and another water rate hike were detailed in this recent Press of Atlantic City article by ace reporter; Christian Hetrick.

John Exadaktilos, owner of Ducktown Tavern in Atlantic City says the water company / MUA just woke up a sleeping giant.

VERY upset that the MUA board would take money as a Christmas bonus. Johnny Ex says: We as a city are hurting and yet we have people taking a $3000 see you later check? I want everyone to go to City Council this week and ask the Council President Marty Small how in the hell on his watch did this get passed him? We pay and they play? This is what the outsiders want to happen. It will be easier to take control of our #1 asset and resource. Bill Cheatham taking a check surprises me the most, parading as Atlantic City’s Yoda and the SOB has the balls to take money?

Bob Roberts: MUA’s Gary Hill recently plead guilty to tax evasion, or was it husband John Schultz? These cretins have been sucking off Atlantic City and need to go far away.

Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority; MUA

  • Raised rates 10% to cover an unexpected budget hole
  • Voted to give themselves $3,000 payout “for dedicated service”
  • MUA’s seven board members make $6,000 salaries.
  • Water Co. board members can receive benefits
  • Tried to buy Bader Field for double market value
  • MUA Executive Director is Bruce Ward
  • Board Vice Chairman is Gary Hill
Bob Newhouse: Board Vice Chairman Gary Hill said MUA board members are supposed get the $3,000, maintaining an MUA tradition. Is this the same Gary Hill married to the convicted former Atlantic City Councilman John Schultz? Anyone that attends the bogus MBCA events should be ashamed of themselves. Someone needs to look into the books of that Schultz-Hill Foundation “charity”. Their dear friend; Mayor Don Guardian raises property taxes, and John Schultz and Gary Hill are on a major money grab in Atlantic City.
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  1. Thanks AC Primetime for connecting the dots and exposing some of the shady dealings which occur in this city! The more I learn, the happier I feel about leaving.

    Love the picture! Can you say, “Fascist dictatorship?”

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