Ocean Club Residents Not Happy About Chelsea Beach Plans

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Chelsea Beach in Atlantic City

Did somebody try to push thru a substantial beach project, in front of Ocean Club, without public notice? It seemed that way based on comments from the recent Atlantic City Council meeting, Dec. 13. Watch video below.

With little to no detail, a vague economic development plan was on the Council agenda for a 2nd & final reading. It was ultimately tabled. Seems like the cat got out of the bag. Council walked it back.

The potential project is/was planned for the beach between Montpelier & Morris Ave, right in front of the Ocean Club. According to the freaked-out residents, there’s been NO communication between between the City, the CRDA and the 750 Ocean Club homeowners. Why build right there, in front of the Ocean Club? Why did City Council think they could quietly push this through? Why wasn’t a public notice published?

Our best guess: Looks like Chelsea Beach Bar wants to expand. Is the Celebrity Bar n Grill owner involved? Maybe. Note: The Chelsea Beach Bar operated adjacent to the Ocean Club beach for the past 2 summers. A new project in that location, is thought to be much larger and more substantial. Think: Bungalow Beach Bar.

Watch Atlantic City Council Video. Potential Beach Project Near Tropicana & Ocean Club.

Folks not happy about this resolution. A vote was scheduled, even without proper public notice & detail. Of course, the CRDA is hush hush about this project too. This types of stuff is clearly within their jurisdiction. (Tourism District)

Harriet Diamond of the Ocean Club wrote to Lance Landgraf of the CRDA back in March 2017. She wanted Landgraf to know that loud beach music in front of Ocean Club was unacceptable. (watch video)

For sure, the Tropicana will likely benefit. Stockton students won’t complain either. The Boardwalk properties, adjacent to that area, should also benefit.

60% of that free Atlantic City beach will be lost to this redevelopment project.

The City of Atlantic City says there’s no specific plan yet. Hmmm. Really?

A 2nd reading was scheduled for DEC 13, but what put on hold. An ORDINANCE adopting the Redevelopment Plan for the Atlantic City Beach and Boardwalk between Montpelier Ave and Morris Ave.

The acting Director of Planning & Development, Mr. Ben Kaufman, sheepishly said there’s no project in place. The plan would have to be approved by City Council first. ‘ ‘I don’t recall the name of the developer’ said Kaufman, as Mayor-elect Gilliam was giving him the hairy eyeball. Sounded kinda fishy to most in the room. Watch the video at 1:12:45, to see all the creepy action.

Gilliam: ‘Citizens thought we were moving on something….when we were not.’ Can’t blame the citizens, as they were surprised to see that a 2nd and final reading/vote was going to take place on DEC 13.

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