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Boosting Atlantic City Real Estate > Inlet & Lighthouse District

PICTURES > The re-invention of Atlantic City continues. The fast-paced repair, replace, fortification and lengthening of our world famous Boardwalk. Three unique construction sites are active along the front beach and inlet sides of AC.

Focus Less on State Take-over, Casino Contraction & Taxes. Instead: Watch Stockton, Atlantic City Boardwalk & Lighthouse District Projects.

Contractors, under the direction of the Army Corp of Engineers, are concurrently working on 3 waterfront areas. They’ll all eventually be joined together.

A variety of projects are well underway, much of them finished by Summer of 2017. Once completed, you’ll be able to traverse our Absecon Island Boardwalk from the border of Ventnor / Margate….all the way….almost…. to the foot of Gardner’s Basin and the Atlantic City Aquarium.

  • Remove Inlet section of old, damaged boardwalk & pilings, replace with new
  • Build new steel seawall, strengthen with jetty rocks
  • Provide conduit for electricity, communications, fiber-optics, etc.
  • Install pre-formed, steel-reinforced (rebar) concrete structures to handle wooden boards, joists, railings, etc.

Like the Transcontinental Railroad, the build-out of the interstate highway system, and the Atlantic City Expressway….. the rebuilt boardwalk will accelerate real estate development.

Properties adjacent to the updated Atlantic City Boardwalk… well as the end point at Gardner’s Basin…will grow in value.

Editor’s note: Shame on Atlantic City for letting the jewel called Gardner’s Basin languish for 35 years.


  1. Gardeners Basin was presented to Atlantic City as a gift – deeded as open land for the people. It has languished and struggled for over 30 years.

    The land is surrounded by the Gardeners Basin, the bay and Absecon Inlet. This beautiful area is the heart of our island. Fishing boats, clamming and shrimp boats. Boats of all sizes- personal and commercial. How about people just fishing from the seawall and jetties.

    Captain Starn’s was an example of what it was so many years ago and has never been since. Those that remember, always tell personal stories to reflect these memories. The boat rides on a “speed boat,” or a sail boat. Clam chowder at the clam outside clam bar. The gift shop. The wishing well. Now with the new construction of the Boardwalk, maybe we can shine up this beautiful part of our island and revive interest in our natural resources!

    Thank you for having the vision to rebuild our Boardwalk. Life will never be the same as I remember it when I was a child playing in the park now know as Gardeners Basin. Please help in any way to bring back the dignity this area deserves.

  2. America’s original seaside resort deserves this attention, and the city’s renovation has come a long way since I first started going there in the 80’s! The difference is incredible!

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