Press of Atlantic City Bleeding Advertisers, Forced to Cut Employee Pay, Furloughs.

press of atlantic city

Lee Enterprises, owner of the Press of Atlantic City, has joined a growing list of newspapers being pushed to the brink by COVID-19, the coronavirus.

Already on life support and struggling, newspaper advertising has virtually dried up. Shuttered stores, restaurants and other business operations have stopped most of their advertising for the foreseeable future.

press of atlantic city

Digital and other online marketing platforms have benefited from the disruption, as more mom & pops embrace web advertising.

Will Press of Atlantic City reduce days of publication?

In a growing number of markets, newspaper publishers are no longer financially able to print an actual paper, 7 days a week.

Press of AC Prediction: Watch for Monday, Tuesday and Saturday newspaper editions to get axed…. for good.

Even the entertainment focused, AC Weekly publication faces an uncertain future.

To ensure sustainability, Lee Enterprises will try to minimize the long-term damage of this COVID-19 pandemic.

Press of Atlantic City will implement pay reductions and furloughs.

Executives will also take a reduction in pay. All other employees will be subject to pay cuts or furloughs.

In addition to The Press of Atlantic City, Lee Enterprises owns newspapers in 25 states.

NOTE: BH Media, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, recently sold the Press of AC to Lee Enterprises.

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