Spineless Atlantic County GOP Leadership Facing Conservative Backlash

Jeff Van Drew Seth Grossman

Talk radio is on fire. Conservative listeners are calling out Atlantic County Republican party leaders. Calling them spineless. Clueless. Giving up the 2nd Congressional district seat, effectively paving the way for a more radical, left-wing Congress.

Republicans aren’t the only ones unhappy with their local leadership. Even South Jersey Democrats despise Jeff Van Drew’s recent move to the far left. Last week, Van Drew showed his true colors. He shared his opposition to Judge Kavanaugh’s placement on the Supreme Court.

South Jersey voters saw this as Van Drew already taking orders from Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Shumer and Cory Booker.

Listen to talk radio callers discuss Van Drew and Grossman.

Grossman wants to drain the local swamp filled with entrenched politicians. On both side of the aisle.

Much like Trump getting ignored by his own party, South Jersey Republicans have foolishly stayed from their candidate too.

Nationally, the GOP finally woke up and defended Trump’s pick for SCOTUS.

Spineless Atlantic County GOP Leadership Facing Conservative Backlash.

Will Local GOP do the same and support Seth Grossman?

Have you noticed? Local GOPers like Keith Davis, Frank Formica, Chris Brown and Frank LoBiondo have either ignored their congressional candidate, or have only offered luke-warm, tepid support. Some say they’re giving up the 2D congressional seat. Rolling out the red carpet for liberal Democrat, Jeff Van Drew.

Jeff Van Drew refused to do a radio debate with Seth Grossman on WOND 1400

As Frank Lobiondo travels on his goodbye tour, talk radio callers have noted the soon to retire Congressman won’t even mention the name of Seth Grossman.

During the primary, county chairman Keith Davis and others had to wipe plenty of egg off their face when then got suckered by Hirsh Singh, who claimed to have millions ready to spread around. Not only did the cash not appear, but Singh

Not a great track record from the Atlantic County GOP leadership. Voters are not stupid. They don’t follow Atlantic County party bosses.

Trump & Grossman. Not many wanted to openly admit their support for Trump.

Same with Grossman. Some local Republican officials have kept their distance. Nobody wants to admits their voting for Grossman.

‘Current Democrats are a disgrace. See Antifa. Nothing like John F Kennedy Democrats.’