Steel Pier Observation Wheel To Spin on Atlantic City Boardwalk by Summer. PODCAST

ACprimetime Radio talks with Steel Pier’s Anthony Catanoso. Listen to the interview with Mel Taylor from March 15, 2017.

Preparation is now underway to place cranes & other equipment on the iconic Steel Pier on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Special cranes will be used to erect the long awaited, 225 ft observation wheel that will overlook the Atlantic City Boardwalk by  late Summer 2017.

A side access road was built, along with a beefing up of the Boardwalk…in order to safely move heavy equipment back and forth across the boards in front of the former TAJ MAHAL…..soon to be Hard Rock Hotel Casino.

Atlantic city steel pier

2 thoughts on “Steel Pier Observation Wheel To Spin on Atlantic City Boardwalk by Summer. PODCAST”

  1. Mr. Catanoso seems quite selfish and misinformed. The Taj strike last summer was not about union leaders or a handful of union committee members. The strike was voted in favor to walk out by 85% of the then 1,100 Local 54 Taj employees. The strike was about maintaining middle class jobs in Atlantic City. Mr. Cantanoso seems oblivious to the fact that for 25 years of operating the Steel Pier in AC-the families that patronize his business can afford to do so because they have decent middle class jobs with quality healthcare and annual wage increases. Tony Rodio-Carl Icahn’s crony-offered Taj employees a deal that would have placed 26 year employees in a continued poverty-working welfare-status. In hindsight-had those 1,100 employees accepted that deal-it would have set a low standard for the rest of Atlantic City casino employees. Mr. Cantanoso should remove his head from the sand and realize that every other casino in town, operates a profitable business with Local 54 contracts in place. Local 54 did not close the Taj-Mr. Icahn did that. If this thinking were correct-why does every other casino continue operations with decent union contracts in place? Furthermore-take a good look at the Revel. Shuttered building that never had a Local 54 contract secured-shall we blame Mr. McDevitt for that one too?
    Mismanagement, hedge-fund operators (who bled every dollar possible out of AC, took their money & ran) & pure greed are responsible for closing the Taj, Showboat, Plaza, Revel and Atlantic Club.
    No one wants to go on strike Mr. Cantanoso-but for you to complain about a 10% loss in summer revenue-how about the 1,100 workers who suffered a 40% reduction in income for TWO YEARS before a strike was overwhelmingly voted on by all? Shame on you for not supporting the hard working families of AC who strive to maintain middle class existance that you ultimately profit from!

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