The Potential of Atlantic City’s Bader Field.

bader field
Bader Airfield Before Closing in 2006

Bader Field: A prime waterfront location with 140 acres ripe for redevelopment.

Bader was the former municipal airport that closed in September 2006, named after the former mayor of Atlantic City Edward L. Bader, who purchased the land for the airfield. 

Bader Field is part of the state-run Tourism District controlled by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. According to Wiki-pedia: Bader’s potential for redevelopment was questioned by former AC mayor Lorenzo Langford, who cast the lone “no” vote on the formation of the district, citing the inclusion of Bader Field as his reasoning.

The City of Atlantic City received four redevelopment plans recently. The proposals included:

  • 750-room luxury hotel, waterfront townhouses
  • Indoor-outdoor water park, theme park & Amusements, Hot air balloon festivals.
  • POTENTIAL of creating 3,000 construction jobs
  • A marina and shopping attractions
  • Elevated monorail system connecting Boardwalk, train station, AC International Airport
  • New exit to link Bader with Atlantic City Expressway.