UBER Rules. Atlantic City, Taxi & Jitney Drivers Cry for Help

uber margate atlantic cityOn  May 1, UBER was no longer the target of Atlantic City mercantile inspectors. Well, that’s the way it was supposed to be for the popular ride-hailing service.

Earlier this year, Gov. Chris Christie signed legislation that set safety standards and consumer protections for companies like UBER & LYFT, and their drivers who use apps to pick up passengers.

UBER Rules. Atlantic City, Taxi and Jitney Drivers Cry for Help

But some drivers report they’re still being harassed in Atlantic City for not having a commercial driver’s license….something they don’t need.

By law, Atlantic City, or any other NJ municipality can no longer impose regulations or ticket UBER drivers. Kinda reminds us of a time when a local newspaper dork told us we needed a journalism degree in order to share news & info via the Internet. Really.

Hey Mr . Taxi & Jitney….welcome to the age of digital disruption. You’re getting no condolences from us.

Blah blah blah. Some in Atlantic City say the UBER friendly ride-hailing regulations will hurt the taxi industry, even though 99% of taxi riders in Atlantic City hate the experience.

And the once-beloved Jitney, is a close 2nd behind the lowly taxi in rider satisfaction scores.

You can see why Atlantic City is not happy about this. There are 250 licensed taxis in the city. Drivers pay $60 each year, plus a $150 annual fee for each medallion/licence. That easy cash flow could be hurt by the decline of taxis.

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