Atlantic City Council President Wants Higher Taxes for AirBnB

Should we tax AirBnB’s in Atlantic City…using a commercial (not residential) tax rate? Council President Tibbitt thinks so. The commercial tax rate in AC, is much higher than residential tax rate.

NOTE: short-term rentals like Air BnB have allowed some home values to rise in value…..which means more tax revenue for city. Watch video >


  1. The more money you give the City of Atlantic City, the more they will spend. Besides, I don’t run a vacation rental, but I do have three properties that I rent long term, will they be taxed at the Commercial rate as well Council President Tibbett? I would think you would be happy with the increased tourism that AirBnB provides the local economy. So should, The Back Bay Ale House, Tony Baloney’s, Duck Town Tavern, Doc’s Oyster House, Gilchrist, Kelsey & Kim’s, The Atlantic City Aquarium, The Walk, every Jitney Driver, EVERY LIQUOR STORE in town and nearly EVERY NON-CASINO Small business.
    Oh and did I mention that the owners of AirBnB properties keep their properties far more BEAUTIFUL then most and MORE IMPORTANTLY do not cost the City of Atlantic City Tax Payers ONE DIME in school Taxes? The cost of sending just one child to school in Atlantic City is far greater then the property tax that home would pay to the City. So the next time you see a neighbor that runs an AirBnB take a moment and THANK THEM JOYCE. Because truth be told, they are NOT harming the “children” of the City as you put it at the podium in the video above. But then, again, what should I have expected? It is Atlantic City after all, and with people like Joyce just out and out lying to prove her point, it will NEVER change!

  2. I mentioned in a different thread that short term rentals “Airbnb’s” are already taxed in Atlantic City a whopping 11.625%! 6.625% state tax and 5% occupancy tax the same as hotels, not to mention astronomical property taxes. Additionally (as the gentleman referenced) it would be illegal for Atlantic City officials to add/create additional restrictions or fees/taxes on short term rentals in our city by court order. Anyone interested in seeing this court order look up Docket No: C-49-12. Superior Court of NJ Chancery Division. The legal issue aside any discussion of restricting short term rentals is incredibly short sighted and would be an economical disaster for the city. There are ordinances in place to address any potential for noise, parking, or party houses. Those ordinance should be enforced before taxing or restricting Airbnb’s that bring tax payers and families into our wonderful city.

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