Boardwalk Biking & Safety News From Ventnor and Atlantic City

Safety & security on the boardwalk getting more focus on Absecon Island, specifically in Atlantic City and Ventnor.

The AC boardwalk already features new, brighter lights and video cameras perched along most of it’s length. New street end ‘bollards’ are being installed thru-out Atlantic City, and will help stop unauthorized vehicles from accessing the Boardwalk.

Margate and Ventnor residents are growing weary of bike rack delay delay delay. When and where will they be installed?

Legal: “Pedal assist” bikes give riders a boost but are meant to run no faster than 20 m.p.h.

Some electric bikes can run without any pedaling. Speeds of up to 28 mph. Yes, we have seen this type of motorized bike on the Ventnor  / AC Boardwalk. Often.

Some local and state governments have reacted with a varying list of age and helmet requirements

30 U.S. states with some laws defining e-bikes and “all of these states have different laws regarding operation” 

For example:

Connecticut requires all e-bike users to wear helmets.

New York State law says riders must register electric bikes, much like cars and motorcycles.

Utah prohibits anyone under 18 from riding an e-bike that can reach speeds up to 28 mph.

Pennsylvania law defines e-bikes as “pedacycles with electric assist” when they offer a maximum battery-powered speed of up to 20 mph. Such vehicles require no license, registration or helmets, but are limited to riders ages 16 and older.

In New Jersey, there is currently NO guidelines for the use of e-bikes. No surprise there. This is New Jersey, ya know. BUT…a new bill is traveling thru Trenton as we speak.

FACT: eBikes can be altered or built from scratch, getting past manufacturer throttle limitation of 20 m.p.h.

‘Pedal assist’ eBikes are designed and manufactured to assist the rider with electric power up to 28 mph.

As riders know, even 20 mph is pretty fast. Imagine being hit by somebody doing 28 on an electric powered bike.

The NJ Legislature has approved a bill. But will Gov. Murphy sign it? The bill wants to allow electric bikes to operate legally in New Jersey, with no need for registration, insurance or driver’s license.

Did you know? ebikes are often used on streets as well as boardwalks, walking paths and sidewalks. Whoa. Hold on there. Did you say boardwalks? It’s not LEGAL to ride a motorized bike that can reach speeds of 28 mph? This is especially problematic when you think of the pedestrian density during the warm summer months.

NJ Assembly politicians want electric bikes to be operated on sidewalks, if the town already allows bike riding there.

We love biking. Even Electric bicycles… when properly regulated….benefits: less traffic and emissions. Less reliance on fossil fuels, and it’s good for you.

health benefits and reduces emissions and congestion. They also would help riders with mobility issues and bicycle delivery workers.

Will Boardwalk towns like Ventnor and Atlantic City firm up rules?

28 mph. That’s more than fast enough for a pedestrian hit by an electric bike and rider to be killed.

Press of AC: In South Jersey, electric bicycles would cause havoc if they are allowed on the boardwalks, promenades and bike paths that are critical to its summer vacation feel and tourist appeal.

Will Gov. Phil Murphy sign the bill into law?

Ventnor and AC need to review their boardwalk and biking rules.

Ventnor bike lanes on Atlantic Ave. bike lanes are still too risky opinion. The speed limit there is still 35 mph. Neighboring town of AC, Margate & Longport have already lowered their Atlantic Ave. speed limits. This is especially important on beach block streets…like Atlantic Ave.

Each year, we reach out to Ventnor Commissioner Tim Kriebel, who overlooks Public Safety. We always ask Mr. Kriebel why the speed limit is still so high for a family beach resort. Have you ever seen a full family trying to LEGALLY cross 4 lanes of traffic on Atlantic Ave? It’s not for the faint of heart. Margate Mayor Michael Becker told DownbeachBUZZ that safety concerns were the main reason for lowering the speed limit to 25 mph in Margate.

These safety issues may have been discussed in Ventnor, but the so-called ‘Ventnor Citizens Advisory Board’ does not share meeting minutes as of yet.

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