Bridgegate, Atlantic City Style. Venice Park Crumbling Infrastructure

Venice Park Atlantic City
Crumbling Bridge

Residents of the Venice Park section of Atlantic City desperately need a new bridge, maybe two.

Built in 1969, the span over the Penrose Canal..some say… is an accident waiting to happen. So what’s the hold up?

That’s what Alma Johnson, 76, representing the Venice Park Civic Association is gonna find out.

Alma is not a big fan of her neighborhood becoming a shortcut for those looking to avoid that heavy traffic on Rte 30 / White Horse Pike. The small Venice Park bridges can’t handle the heavy traffic, estimated to be about 1,300 drivers daily.

Alma says she and Speedy Marsh, both met with AC Planning guy, Robert Preston.

We have the money, or at least a part of it. Will bridge work start by 2020?

The Venice Park bridge system in Atlantic City needs to be replaced.

Atlantic City Venice Park Bridge

Past history is not good. The 50ish yr old bridge was closed in 2013 for extensive repair. Atlantic City police deemed it unsafe, after the AC City Engineer found the bridge, spanning Penrose Canal, near Ohio Ave and Horace Bryant Drive, ‘unstable’.

80-foot bridge over the Penrose Canal, built in 1969, was “structurally deficient,” with a very poor safety rating.

According to 4th ward City Councilman, Sir Speedy Marsh, there’s some sort of funding that’s already earmarked for more repair, or a full blown replace. Well, that’s what Sir Speedy says. The Speedster said the issue will be brought up again at a future meeting.

One meeting attendee questioned why CRDA wasn’t involved with this critical, infrastructure issue. Not every dollar of IAT Casinos taxes needs to be plowed into Boardwalk Hall and beach & Boardwalk entertainment. What about us residents? CRDA was created to help ALL of Atlantic City, not just casino and Tourism District business.

City engineers & planning director will soon visit Venice Park Civic Association.

  • Step #1- confirm how much money, if any, is set aside for this project. OPRA documents.
  • Step #2 – If lacking funds for 2 new bridges, have neighbors, led by Speedy, visit & petition CRDA for money.

Councilman Kaleem Shabazz says it will be replaced.

1 thought on “Bridgegate, Atlantic City Style. Venice Park Crumbling Infrastructure”

  1. Warren Massey Sr.

    While the bridge is most certainly a major concern , for those who own property in Venice Park . I envision in the near future you will all be gone and it will be either a gated community or at the very least, a high end housing community . Atlantic City is in the throws of Gentrification , but I think it’s not moving as fast as the vultures expected .

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