Crazy CRDA Rules for Tourism District Property Owners

Atlantic City CRDA development lance landgraf
Can Atlantic City Residents Trust The CRDA?

CRDA Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf, embracing the foolish, Atlantic City Tourism District zoning rules? It’s up to him to enforce? Yikes. That spells trouble for those looking to live in a single family home. Triplexs are mandatory if one wants to build or redevelop their single family property inside the CRDA controlled Tourism District.

VIDEO: CRDA leadership caught with their pants down. Again. Seemed to be unaware of this zoning issue. CRDA’s Matt Doherty unable to respond to simple question from audience member. ‘You didn’t know about it?’ asks resident, Sonny Ireland.

Watch CRDA Video Clips Below from Triax Streaming.

Carol Ruffo described harmful rules that now blanket the entire AC tourism district. Destroying single family homes, making way for larger development… that may or may not happen. Similar to foolishness of Pauline’s Prairie, which made way for developers that never come. Instead, we’re left with land-banked parcels of dirt that pay no taxes to the City of Atlantic City.

WTF: You can’t re-develop or build a single family home in the Atlantic City Tourism District, unless it’s a triplex.

CRDA Meeting Attendee Suppression. The CRDA needs more input from local Atlantic City residents.

Out of 17 CRDA board members, only 2 actually live in Atlantic City; socialite Gary Hill and AC Mayor Frank Gilliam. Both are NOT known to vigorously protect the best interests of Atlantic City residents. Mr. Hill rarely speaks a word. Quite frankly, nobody really knows why he sits on the boards of both CRDA and the MUA.

Diversity of the CRDA board leaves much to be desired as well.

CRDA will soon hold their monthly meetings in a larger room with more seating. That’s the objective of a new petition being circulated. Meeting space at the CRDA HQ on Pennsylvania Ave. is much too small. The room barely holds 25 seats. Most of the public must stand outside in the hallway. The 2p start time is also disrespectful to those who want to participate in steering AC’s future. Most of us have 9 to 5 jobs.

Sign Petition: CRDA meetings should be held inside Atlantic City Council Chambers at 6pm. A much more convenient time and location, with plenty of space for residents to attend.

CRDA Master Plan Controls Economic Engine of Atlantic City. READ BELOW >


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