Councilmen Small, Tibbitt, Shabazz, Marsh & Others Plunge Atlantic City Deeper into Debt.

Atlantic City Council President Marty Small made an impassioned plea. Support the State of NJ and borrow more money.

A $55 mil bond issue is what the State wants. Small agreed, so did Councilmen, Shabazz, Tibbitt, Cheng, Marsh and Randolph, who sheepishly voted YES to take AC deeper into debt.

Only Councilmen Jesse Kurtz, Mo Delgado (Kool Mo Dee) and Jeffery Fauntleroy opposed this funky financial plan that saddles taxpayers with paying back $63 million over the life of the loan.

Listen to King Arthur WIBG 1020am Podcast: Council Chaos: Mo Money, Mo Debt, Mo Marty.

Not one Atlantic City resident who spoke during public comment, was in favor of this $55 mil bond. Mayor Frank Gilliam reminded attendees of his strong opposition to this risky move.

‘Although Council President Small claims he’s doing what’s best for the residents of Atlantic City, he clearly ignored each and everyone that spoke up against this,’ said residents of AC’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Marty was accused of being called the state’s boy. Small was clearly rattled by that accusation.

The vote to borrow more money: 6 in favor, 3 opposed.

Council President Small, sporting a snazzy Philadelphia Eagles sport coat, dropped another bombastic Marty-ism: “You got the right string, but the wrong yo-yo.”

The BIG story: Council is regularly accused of voting on issues, without offering rationale or thought process. Most of Council provides no explanation on how & why they vote a certain way. Residents ask: ‘why not a brief explanation of how they came to that decision?’ Seems like a fair request to us.

Council members seem to vote based on what they’re team is doing. Most of Council have no idea about what they’re even voting on? Often, it looks that way.

In other exciting Council action, while no one was paying attention: Council voted on measures that supports and defends illegal….or undocumented….persons coming to Atlantic City. Many on Council want to make it easier for illegals to get a drivers licence.


Geoff Rosenberger: AC council did what the state wanted, instead of what the citizens requested. By a vote of 6-3, they further mortgaged the future of AC to pay back the state. The state has run the city finances for years and imposed these decisions originally on city finances at 10% interest. Shame on city council and NJ. The state has done more to ruin the city than all entities combined over the last 30 years of bloodletting.

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  1. 1:30 on the video above: “….But to use them (City Council Elected Officials) to be puppets to rubber-stamp most of what the state wants done, is an insult…..” It is only an insult if the council feels they are getting played, if they are too dumb to know that they are being played by the state and it is infact the state that is dragging the City DEEPER & DEEPER into debt, they can’t very well be insulted because they just don’t know better Mr. Young.

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