Atlantic City Councilman Gilliam Talks Salaries, Concerts, Straub & Bader Field

Frank Gilliam Jr. & Son....and Mel Taylor
Frank Gilliam Jr. & Son….and Mel Taylor

Listen to Atlantic City Councilman at Large, Frank Gilliam Jr.

These AC Primetime Radio topics covered are wide and varied:

  • Bart Blatstein & The Playground Pier.
  • Tough to start a business in AC
  • What did former Mayor Langford really make?
  • Frank Gilliam III – Take your Kid to Work Day
  • Frank’s background, schooling & wife & family life
  • Keeping his cool as a Councilman
  • Dealing with Glenn Straub & REVEL property
  • Bader Field auction, salaries & paycuts
  • Concerts on the Atlantic City beach

Atlantic City Councilman-at-Large Frank Gilliam Jr. visits ACprimetime Radio >

Atlantic City Municipal Salary ALERT: 

As Atlantic City considers pay cuts for those inside City Hall, a murky salary report for the former & acting Mayors was called out by Gilliam. According to, AC Mayor Guardian’s office said the mayor’s salary was reduced from the $143,000 that his predecessor, the former AC Mayor; Lorenzo Langford made. Not so, says Gilliam.

“After being sworn in as Atlantic City’s new leader on January 1, 2014, Mayor Guardian recognized the difficult financial situation Atlantic City was in so he took a $40,000 salary reduction,” spokesman Chris Filiciello said.

Councilman-at-Large Gilliam disputes Filiciello’s claims made to the Associated Press. Gilliam says former AC Mayor Langford never made $143,000. He only made $106,000.

See Associated Press Story at here.

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