Hard Rock Presents Gas Station Plans to CRDA Land Use Board.

The CRDA Land-Use division heard Hard Rock’s plans for a combo gas station, car wash convenience store. It’s all part of the proposed redevelopment of the closed Trump Taj Mahal. The hearing took place on Dec 21,  at the CRDA’s Pennsylvania Avenue office.

Rockstop Gas & Wash, on the Hard Rock property:

  • Open 24 hours a day
  • 8 gas pumps
  • Large “grab and go” convenience store
  • Automated car wash.

A full CRDA board vote will happen Jan. 30.

Questions remain:

  • Will Hard Rock Casino players be able to use comp dollars for a car wash?
  • Will Hard Rock Rock Stop Gas & Wash pay taxes to Atlantic City?
  • Will ‘Rock Stop’ revenue be part of the PILOT bill?

Boardwalk 1000, LLC
Block 61, Lots 9 & 10
912 & 916 Pacific Avenue

Applicant, Boardwalk 1000, LLC, files the within application for the above referenced property in the City of Atlantic City seeking site plan approval, conditional use approval and a “D” variance to permit two principal uses on the Property. The Property is located in the RS-C Resort Commercial zone.

Applicant proposes to develop the Property with an automobile service station and gas station and convenience store. Gas stations are a permitted conditional use in the RS-C zone, and grocery stores are a permitted use. The gas station will meet all of the conditional use standards. The car wash is a permitted accessory use.

The variance is justified because it advances multiple purposes of zoning including the efficient use of land, the addition of a new commercial use in a well-suited location, and creative development that will provide a desirable visual environment, all of which promote the general welfare. Combination gas station/convenience stores have become commonplace in recent years and represent a cohesive and efficient use of land by providing complimentary services at one location.

Given its proximity to several casinos and hotels, and the limited number of gasoline stations in Atlantic City, the Property is particularly well-suited for the use and will provide a necessary service to Atlantic City’s tourism base. Moreover, the Property is currently used as surface parking. The proposed development will visually enhance the Property which is visible from Pacific Avenue.

Importantly, the currently pending Tourism District Land Use Regulations, that on adoption, which will shortly occur, will supersede the Atlantic City zoning ordinance, specifically contemplates “automobile service station and gas station and convenience center” as a conditionally permitted use in the RS-C zone. On adoption, the proposed use will be considered a singular principal use, conditionally permitted to operate at the Property. When that occurs, a “D” variance will no longer be required. The proposed Tourism District Regulations that eliminate the need for the “D” variance is further justification for the variance relief. The development meets all of the conditional use requirements proposed under the proposed ordinance.

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