Lax Enforcement of Air BnB & Short-Term Rentals in Atlantic City

Dunston Atlantic City Council Short Term Rentals
Dunston Wants More Ordinance Enforcement

Council members Latoya Dunston and Jesse Kurtz grappling with this fast growing phenomenon. Both pushing for a solution to this burgeoning industry. One that’s diversifying the economy of Atlantic City. One that’s introducing new challenges to overcome.

Risk and reward of Air BnB & Short-Term Rentals in Atlantic City.

Web-based apps like AirBnB & VRBO: Considered a blessing for those looking to make some extra cash with their home. Properties languishing for years suddenly more valuable when cleaned up and marketed as short-term rentals. More likely to be cash-flow positive too, all thanks to online apps like Air BnB & VRBO.

Resident Stephanie Talks Short Term Rentals

Mayor Small and City Council President Tibbitt playing catch-up with this fast-growing business.

Atlantic City can’t adequately collect applicable taxes & fees. Can’t effectively enforce local rental ordinances. So much so, an outside company may be hired to help with the monitoring of short-term rentals in Atlantic City.

The potential downside of short term rentals in Atlantic City.

Resident Stephanie: I was petrified. I gotta guard my property. I have a camera. Spotlights. I have bars on my windows. I live here. I pay taxes here. I don’t think that I invested in buying a home here to have to be caged in my home.

Stephanie: In 2019, I noticed kids on roof. 645 MLK Blvd. No one lives in that house. Not aware it became a short-term rental. Saw kids smoking on the roof. House was always empty.

The owner of that property added a larger, higher fence. About 10ft tall. ‘This is an Atlantic City ordinance violation’, says MLK Blvd resident, Stephanie.

The rental property owner added security cameras. Made their fence taller. Up to 10ft.

Alleged rental property owner took basic cable wire…. ran from one house to the next. Created a camera wire. That’s two violations. Why does it take 21 days to remedy?

Council member Dunston: This is becoming a becoming a trend. Non-compliant gates & fences. Do we have compliance system in place? Do we have inspectors to catch this?

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  1. How is this even worth posting about. It’s almost comical, this has nothing to do with short term rentals “Airbnb/VRBO”. Watch the video the fact that the property may be an “airbnb” is irrelevant. The city needs to enforce their city ordinances. Reading the article there is mention of the city paying an outside company… I guess that would come from our highest in the country tax dollars?? It would be illegal for Atlantic City officials to add/create additional restrictions or fees/taxes on short term rentals in our city by court order. Anyone interested in seeing this court order look up Docket No: C-49-12. Superior Court of NJ Chancery Division. There are ordinances in place to address any potential for noise, parking, or too tall fences. Those ordinance should be enforced before taxing or restricting Airbnb’s that bring tax payers and families into our wonderful city.

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