Mayor Gilliam – Example of Why Atlantic City Still Needs State Supervision

Why are people angry at me?

AC Mayor Frank Gilliam is caught between rock and a hard place. Who should he support? What’s his top priority? The CRDA & Casinos? Or residents of Atlantic City?

Ya know, sometimes we really like Mayor Frank. We really want him to succeed. Even if we don’t agree with some of his moves.

Frank would serve himself well by doing the simple things first. Showing that he cares about residents and non-casino businesses. The folks that put him in office.

We were surprised by Mayor Gilliam’s rejection of a Mother’s Day promotion at Steel Pier.

It was very telling. Why wouldn’t the Mayor support a promotion that takes lower income, AC moms & kids on a cool, free, Steel Pier Observation Wheel ride complete with lunch? It was a win-win-win deal.

Lower income kids benefit, Frank looks like a hero, and the Steel Pier gets a butt-load of free advertising and marketing for that awesome observation wheel.

Is anybody looking out for the residents of Atlantic City? Or is it still all about casinos?

As you may recall, Mr. Jingoli, developer of Stockton & Hard Rock, stepped up big time recently, with a $25k check to help out the community. Money that the Mayor should have gathered and delivered.

Mayor Frank Gilliam has yet to release funds already earmarked for key local organizations. Groups that desperately needs those monies. But Frank could give two s**ts.


It’s kinda easy to see why most of AC council is at war with Mayor Frank.

We hope Lt. Gov Sheila Oliver regularly kicks him where the sun don’t shine.

Yo Frank, stop with the shackles and plantation talk. The reason you and the City are under state control, is because the city was out of control. For decades. Ya feel me?

Get it together Frank. Spend more time with the AC neighbors that put you in office. Spend LESS time with the Atlantic City elite that couldn’t care less about the residents of Atlantic City. You know who we’re talking about.