Motor Bike Runs Down 3 Women on Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Boardwalk Biking

A 22 year old nit-wit from Atlantic City was riding his dirt bike on the Atlantic City Boardwalk, lost control, and hit three pedestrians. Two seriously.

After his arrest, George Jones says he swerved to avoid a child, lost control and rammed into the backs of three women walking the boards.

Uh-oh. Then young punk tried to get away. Bystanders said ‘cool your jets, home boy’. Kept him on ice til ACPD arrived.

This isn’t the first time we’ve witnessed a motorized bike place pedestrians in harm’s way. Those things are fast and heavy. Prediction: they will soon be banned on all Boardwalks.

Jones was charged with assault by auto, disorderly conduct and multiple traffic summons.

Social Media comment: Power bikes are on the boardwalk all the time. This has been discussed over and over. I was almost hit several times last Friday night. Officials are not stopping it. Until there’s a really serious accident, this it will probably continue. The boardwalk has become a dangerous place for walkers, especially at night.

Social Media comment: I walk on the Boardwalk frequently and always fear being hit by a bicyclist, many who are riding too fast. Margate is considering building a boardwalk and adding a bike path – they should. Major lawsuits are coming. The ‘ambassadors’ do nothing to stop riders. Accidents happen.


  1. You can’t teach common sense or fix stupid. Someone has to have the big ones and take the bikes and motor bikes away from them that use them where they don’t belong or the ones that ride the bikes to recklessly or the times when they are not allowed to.

  2. Margate on Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small Charged or Arrested 14 Times in Past.: “I agree 100 percent! Don was all about Atlantic City and stayed away from corruption . Frank and Marty only…”

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