Shut Atlantic City Down for July 4, says BLM Activist Steve Young


Once was not enough for Black Lives Matter activist Steve Young, now best known for the Atlantic City riots of May 31.

‘We’re gonna shut down AC on July 4’ says Young on a recent WPG 1450 Radio interview with Harry Hurley. Listen dere >

Hurley & Young

Radio host Hurley asked Young, “Are you insane? You’re going to shut down Atlantic City on the 4th of July, just two days after re-opening?”

Hurley: Psychotic behavior from Steve Young, the chairman of the Atlantic City Planning Board.

Young is on the AC Citizens Advisory Committee. He’s also a co-founder of Polaris Development Group LLC, which has received financial funding from the CRDA.

Small & Young Ignore CRDA Lack of Diversity

CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, is made up of 17 board members. 16 are white. Only 2 live in Atlantic City. Steve Young and Mayor Marty Small seem to be OK with that.

Young claims he gets no support. But he does, and only wants more. Grants provide assistance for stuff like the Kentucky Ave Festival.

Hurley: Steve, you get plenty of financial grants.

AC just removed Columbus Statue.

Young is part of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network.

Stephen W: If you think the multitude of all the different nationalities are going to sit idly by while you come in and shut down our city on one of if not the busiest weekends of the year you are obviously not as smart as I think you are. You should absolutely rethink this stupid move. We the people of Atlantic City will not have this bullshit in our streets. 

Sheryl R: A town that has been shut down for months. People not working and losing health care. Businesses closing for good. I’m out of work with no health insurance for last 3 months. Most in Black community don’t support Mr. Young. He’s hurting more than helping.

Shutting down a city….is a crime.

Hurley, WPG Radio.

Hurley: Steve, who’s failing the Black community? Are you blaming Mayor Marty Small? Young replied: The government. Specifically, Gov Murphy.

Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt: I’m really concerned that this action will totally destroy any confidence of our visitors. This action will be the final nail in the coffin for a lot of businesses that are hanging on by a thread to survive. The harm that he is doing to the health of the city and the trickle down effect that it will have on our citizens when the lost revenue can’t be made up and businesses close.

The hits keep on coming.

  • AC just canceled the annual Air Show.
  • More BLM protests planned for the 4th in AC
  • Removal of Christopher Columbus statue in AC
  • All night fireworks in AC

A Black Lives Matter protest organized by Steve Young may “shut the city down”

‘Beaches were never closed in Atlantic City’ says Young. ‘I think we have a genocide on our hands.”

Young says “it’s a crime for people to be hung in the streets and shot with their hands up.”

Hurley says shutting down a city is a crime. It’s criminal. It’s not a peaceful protest.”


  1. Why would you want to jeopardize people’s livelihoods and ability to provide for their families by shutting down the economy just as people are trying to get started ? Do you *want* everyone to depend on the benevolence of Big Government and the State ? How is that *not* a form of slavery ?

    1. If he keeps this shit up that’s exactly what’s going to happen! He doesn’t get it! You can’t fix ignorant and you sure as hell can’t fix stupid!

  2. There is a pandemic with cases currently increasing.
    Out of towners coming in town, not wearing masks have no concern about protecting others from getting sick. Locals in the service industry are at great risk, working minimum wage, poor healthcare and exposed to people who don’t wear masks. A few token blacks working in senior roles in the city do not make the city not racist. The radio interviewer Is ignorant and doesn’t listen. He cuts off Steve Young when he responds and explains racism. This interviewer is a disgrace! Profit over people’s lives is criminal.

  3. The police need to be ready this time, and shut him down by any means necessary. They can;t let this clown ruin our city. If they don;t treat this different then May31st they we know who to blame. He;s running in the July primary

  4. I am so tired of getting beat-up by racial politics. Shut the city down for what! Do you really want what’s left of this city to be flattened like the other half? Shut down the casinos a little longer- Go Ahead- “I dare you. “ There won’t be anything left. I can already guarantee you we are going to loose 2 casinos irregardless of recovery time.

  5. These people are the ones creating racism! They are arrogant, and basically stupid! History is exactly that, history. They need to learn and accept history and not let it repeat. Erasing it is not a solution. This guy is an asshole! Put him in his place! Arrest his ass and all his cronies! George Floyd is dead and buried. Get over it!

    1. He sure IS an asshole! And stupid, too! And racist himself, to boot!

  6. Well well what a situation…… the last gasps of nonsense before nothing is left of Atlantic City but decrepit streets housing and struggling businesses….. tearing everything down or apart in the name of anger or frustration rials against any meaningful progress that at this point is so far from their grasp…there is no way out now but utter chaos even Christ said anger resides in the laps of fools and this is certainly a clown show going forward in a mismanaged town full of self interests……

  7. The benefits of intelligence are that you recognize the opposite…. the disadvantage of the opposite is never knowing any better… don’t expect those who don’t know to behave as though they did….

  8. Unfortunately I did a job for Steven Young and provided 2 bouncies, tents, tables and chairs. Our labor costs were over 600.00. I am 57 years old and worked very very hard for that job. STEVEN YOUNG AND POLARIS DEVELOPMENT NEVER PAID ME. After multiple attempts to get paid he did not pay us for the job. I don’t feel Steven Young has the character to be leading any movement.

    1. ps – this job was for the 2019 Kentucky Ave renaissance festival. We were supposed to have a water source to fill the tent barrels with water. We had to physically carrry about a 100 buckets of water after we found our own water source for the water barrels. Total nightmare working for that guy. I almost had heat stroke on that job.

  9. Steve Young wants to see his name in print…you gave him that!

    Steve Young wants to hear his name on radio and TV…you gave him that!

    Steve Young wants to be in the lime light…you gave him that!

    Stop giving him what he wants. Stop giving him a platform.
    Stop putting on the air.
    Stop printing his name in the paper.
    If he violates the laws of Atlantic City…arrest him without any fanfare. Don’t print it, don’t talk about it…just do it. If you continue to give him a voice he will definitely destroy Atlantic City.

  10. How in the world is Steve Young still a member of Atlantic City’s Planning Board and Citizens Advisory Board?

  11. How does shutting down cities, stealing, and destroying the property of others help black people?
    It doesn’t but the inner city black population has been mislead for decades by its own incompetent leaders.

    If black people want progress don’t be the demographic that’s 15% of the US population and commits 54% of the crime in the US. Similar statistics exist for the consumption of welfare.

    If you want respect as a population group Earn It!

    Protests are your first amendment right until you hurt others, or destroy or take their property at that point you become a criminal and should be in jail!

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