Trashy Financials. Fact or Fiction for Atlantic City?

Atlantic City Trash
Too Expensive?

What does it really cost Atlantic City to collect and recycle it’s own trash? Those numbers came under fire this week as the Press of Atlantic City spotlighted inaccuracies in the City’s cost calculations.

Atlantic City claims that keeping trash and recycling in-house, saves $400,000 per year, compared to using Atlantic County (ACUA) for trash hauling. Yet, a new report shows that Atlantic City would save a considerable amount by allowing the county to handle that chore. A recent report shows that contracting with ACUA for trash would save Atlantic City $863,000 per year.

Trashy Financials. Fact or Fiction for Atlantic City?

  • Atlantic City: Trash hauling costs the city $1.95 million, using 25 employees. (includes replacement trucks & liability insurance)
  • ACUA trash hauling costs $2 million with just 16 employees. (does NOT includes replacement trucks and liability insurance)

NJ Gov. Chris Christie has urged Atlantic City to leverage shared services and to privatize certain city functions in order to reduce costs.

A November 2015 report was submitted by a former Galloway Township employee with municipal experience. Patrick Moran was hired as an assistant public works director with the task of  finding ‘fat’.

Moran found $863,000 of annual fat.


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  1. I’m surprised Don Guardian didn’t address this huge one when he took office and worked on cutting the outrageous budget??

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