Is UBER Evil? Atlantic City Yellow Cab Business Off 40%

Murray Rosenberg of Yellow Cab Atlantic City asks….what’s up with Uber? – no license, improper insurance, rape, murder, robberies? … that’s what Mr Rosenberg accuses some UBER drivers of. Yikes.

WATCH VIDEO > Rosenberg, a 50 yr veteran of Yellow Cab, addressed City Council of Atlantic City on FEB 8.


The Guv did not sign off….yet… ( says Rosenberg ) on legislation that could be seen as quite favorable to UBER….at least that’s what cabs, jitney & limo drivers think.

Business is off 40%. Cab companies around the world are hurting. Local enforcement can only do so much. Violence erupts around the world….as cabs & limos get infringed on… by UBER.

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