Is UBER Evil? Atlantic City Yellow Cab Business Off 40%

Murray Rosenberg of Yellow Cab Atlantic City asks….what’s up with Uber? – no license, improper insurance, rape, murder, robberies? … that’s what Mr Rosenberg accuses some UBER drivers of. Yikes.

WATCH VIDEO > Rosenberg, a 50 yr veteran of Yellow Cab, addressed City Council of Atlantic City on FEB 8.


The Guv did not sign off….yet… ( says Rosenberg ) on legislation that could be seen as quite favorable to UBER….at least that’s what cabs, jitney & limo drivers think.

Business is off 40%. Cab companies around the world are hurting. Local enforcement can only do so much. Violence erupts around the world….as cabs & limos get infringed on… by UBER.


  1. All business is off by 40% or more in Atlantic City, not just cabs. Of course the Casinos are another story.

  2. I think USA IS CAPITALISM Country and no have monopolies over any business if Uber Lyft is not her these business peoples have monopolies to abuse EVERY country citizen. Governor Christie took right step in past.

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