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Atlantic City Business Chamber and Perskie Are Dead Wrong About CRDA Accomplishments

Steven Perskie Atlantic City CRDA

Have you read the recent Press of Atlantic City editorial? It featured comments from Joe Kelly, President of the Greater Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce. Kelly noted some highly questionable statements from the guy who wrote the original casino gaming rules for Atlantic City.

Excerpt from PRESS OF AC Editorial: Steven Perskie, the former state senator who helped write the law that allowed casinos in Atlantic City, recently observed that the casino industry has more than lived up to its commitment to the city. “The casinos were not expected to redevelop Atlantic City,” said Perskie. “They were to make major investments in money, turn over millions and millions of dollars to the government and run an honest operation. That’s what they did.”

Wow. “The casinos were not expected to redevelop Atlantic City”. Did I read that right? Whatever Perskie is smoking, we want some.

CRDA stands for Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The CRDA was primarily created to help revive the City of Atlantic City. The Press of AC, Perskie and CRDA won’t let those inconvenient facts get in the way of a good press release.

That’s just one reason why The Press of Atlantic City is hemorrhaging both readers and advertisers. This kind of monkey business is affecting radio broadcasters too.

Perskie retired from his Atlantic County Superior Court judge seat in 2010, five months after ethics charges were filed against him.

Perskie & Kelly need to spend more time in non-casino neighborhoods of Atlantic City.

To be fair, the Greater AC Business Chamber does a spectacular job with the annual Air Show. It’s an entertaining grand slam that brings 400,000 to the city. Unfortunately, these visitors get a true glimpse of the non-casino neighborhoods. These parts of the city HAVE NOT benefited from the last 40 yrs of casino gaming.

Residents never expected casinos & the CRDA, to pave the streets in gold. But they DID expect the streets to at least be properly paved in asphalt, well-lit and safe.

Example: After a great evening of dining and dance at the awesome Hard Rock, you’ll exit the parking lot that dumps you onto the eerily dark, Pacific Ave. Some intersections, like Pacific & Tennessee, are particularly scary. We pray to get a green light. We often see nervous motorists blow thru red lights. Prostitutes, homeless looking for change, drugged out zombies lurking in the shadows. Not good.

Also in that PRESS editorial, Kelly invited folks to invest and put their money on Atlantic City. The recent CRDA land auction made us think twice about that one. Plenty of CONFIRMED reports of unfair tax assessments and heavy-handed dealings by City tax assessors and CRDA Zoning CZAR, Lance Landgraf.

Caution: don’t confuse CRDA’s auction with the relatively well-run land auctions executed by the city. The CRDA’s recent auction of land-banked parcels left much to be desired. These CRDA properties could be won via auction at fire sale prices. Unfortunately, many properties were saddled with inflated 2008 tax assessments, the height of AC’s real estate bubble. Assurances were made that they’d be fairly re-assessed prior to bidding. That didn’t happen in many cases.

Ex: you bid and win a CRDA land-banked property for $25,000 at pennies on the dollar. You got a good deal and the CRDA returned the parcel to city tax roles. A win-win, right? But no. You might discover your annual tax bill is based on inflated 2008 assessments. You see, CRDA never tax-adjusted those parcels they grabbed from the city. Why would they? CRDA never had to pay taxes on those Atlantic City properties.

There are some that want Atlantic City to become a second-home market. Proponents mention the city’s affordability, its diversity and its attractions. Too bad proponents skipped over insane, always rising taxes paid by a small percentage of property owners.

Too many PILOT ( payment in lieu of taxes) deals and non-taxpaying residents in town. This places excessive burden on a small handful of actual taxpayers.

Will Stockton Help The Average Atlantic City Citizen?

Stockton pays ZERO in taxes? Hmmm.

Stockton University received another taxpayer gift recently, courtesy of City Council. It’s a ‘Stockton Overlay District’ that includes a big chunk of Bader Field. A city within a city, if you will. This give-away took many by surprise.

When you couple that smooth move, with the Atlantic City ‘Tourism District’ controlled by Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf, we suggest investors proceed with extreme caution.

Landgraf is smart. But not in a good way.

Conspiracy theorists suggest the city and the CRDA are giving away property on the cheap. Often, to 2nd homeowners and outside investors. This grows a local taxpayer base that can’t vote, but will be solely liable for future tax increases.

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  1. CRDA development includes, Yogi Berra Museum in Montclair, NJ, a lighthouse sculpture at Columbus Park (torn down), a $9 million park with upside down letters (demolished), Martin King, Blvd., widened to nowhere and its famous and celebrated $4 million subsidy to the Miss America Pageant (a dinosaur of events). Many others to mention.

  2. Czar is a good name for Mr. Landorf. When I asked him to put up a privacy fence on the CRDA garbage dump on Vermont Av he threw up a cheap ugly snow fence that didn’t hide anything on half and said to Mayor Guardian it was done but ‘apparently Mrs. wasn’t satisfied.’ And yes the 1/2 acre lot is assessed for 500k so no one will buy it. I wonder what the insurance is on these lots.

  3. CDRA is the biggest Fraud! Political appointment payoffs! A bunch of bumbling fools that have wasted our taxes on BS Developments! Just look around Atlantic City! 41 years later and Atlantic City still looks and is a DUMP! Politics and the residents can’t move forward! Corruption at it’s best! It’s been like a comedy show! Good Luck and keep dreaming, they killed the goose that laid the golden eggs!the funny thing is the goofs that are in power can’t and never will get out of their own way! The State should step in and take over the city permanently, The present and past elected officials have proved over and over again they can’t run the City! We the South Jersey residents have been buffaloed, bamboozled , and ripped off! Unfortunately it’s time to get what you can get and move out of NJ, I can’t afford the cost of Vasiline!

    1. Yes alot of true statements by these individuals.steve perskie did a fabulous job to write the law to allow casinos These other complainers ,what have they done? Thank God Steve Perskie was apart of all the wonderful days of 1978!!! They made Atlantic city’s comeback. It’s the local government who have continuely distroyed the golden goose! They are not the people who can run the city! Bring back the big thinkers, high IQs that can grow the city not clean it out! Too bad it’s now 41 years and they haven’t gotten what should be done to make the city beautiful.

  4. Keep voting for Democrats. Just look at homeless on the street, run down neighborhoods, afraid to stop at a red light out of safety,lack of beautiful streets, letting drugs to continue ,guns, shootings,on and on.

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