Atlantic City Mayor Pleads Guilty to Stealing Youth Basketball Funds

Frank is F*cked.

Another Atlantic City Mayor goes down in flames. Why do we keep voting these fools in?

Politicians with checkered backgrounds. Nobody really seems to care.

On Thursday, Oct. 3, Gilliam pleaded guilty to wire fraud. Gilliam defrauded a youth basketball organization of $87,000. Prosecuting attorneys said Gilliam spent the funds on designer clothing, expensive meals, and personal trips.

VIDEO > NJ Gov Murphy wants Mayor Gilliam to step down for despicable act.

NJ Gov. Murphy: He (Gilliam) has squandered the trust and confidence of his community and of his administration to lead that community. Atlantic City is a strong and resilient community that is on the rise after years of stagnation but this progress can only continue with leadership whose sole focus is on what he or she can do for the betterment of all residents of Atlantic City and not for themselves.

During a December 2018 raid, FBI found $41,000 in Gilliam’s home.

Gilliam will be sentenced in January 2020. Facing 20+ yrs in jail.

Why do we OK stuff like this? Craig Callaway and his questionable GET OUT THE VOTE tactics helped Gilliam get elected.


marty small atlantic city
Ready for Mo Marty?

Marty Small Waiting in the Wings

Does this mean that Mr. Marty Small will soon become interim Mayor of Atlantic City? Will there be a special election?

Yikes. Looks like Atlantic City is gonna get Mo Marty.

Marty Small becoming Mayor is a lateral leadership move for Atlantic City.

Questions being raised: Will Marty get a raise? A full $103,000 Mayoral paycheck? Hmmm. Marty already is a full-time gym teacher at a local charter school pulling down $90,000. Gary Hill is on the board of that school. Can Marty collect two, full-time paychecks….for two full-time jobs?

Mr. Small, like Gilliam, has many past run-ins with the law. Big difference though. Gilliam plead guilty to recent FBI charges. Small has never been convicted of any crimes.

In 1993, Small was charged with drugs/school zone offense, according to court records. Those charges were dismissed.

According to PRESS OF AC: A political action committee posted videos that attack Small on 14 charges he’s faced from 1993 to 2009.

Marty Small: I was never convicted of the charges.

Press of Atlantic City

Marty Small was first elected to council in 2004. He was the youngest member of council in Atlantic City history.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, Small was a member of the Callaway political machine in 2005. He faced numerous charges stemming from that election work, including that he defrauded the Atlantic County clerk because he was not the designated messenger to return absentee ballots, and that he kept a voter from casting a ballot. He was exonerated of all charges. In 2009, Small and members of his campaign, were again indicted on election fraud, conspiracy and tampering charges, accused of destroying mail-in ballots supporting his opponents, forging signatures and more. Small was again acquitted.

We assume that Aaron ‘Sporty’ Randolph could become interim City Council President. Sweet baby Jesus. That can’t be a good thing.

Sporty works for the MUA, Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority. Not exactly sure what he does there. His pal, socialite Gary Hill, is on the board of the MUA.

Should former AC Mayor, Dandy Don Guardian get back in the game? Don could probably beat his old bff, Marty Small.

Geoff Rosenberger Atlantic City
Geoff Rosenberger

Even cuddly gadfly, Geoff Rosenberger, thinks he can beat Marty Small. Quite frankly, a ham sandwich could beat Marty Small.

NOTE: Before signing that check…..we all need to better research charities and non-profits. Every so often, a bad actor infiltrates one of these honorable groups. Nothing worse than seeing money donated to those in need… getting mis-managed… or worse.

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