Small Miracle in Atlantic City. Mo Marty. Mo Mayor.

marty small atlantic city
The Honorable Mo Marty.

Thanks to Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam pleading guilty to ripping off a youth sports league, Marty Small’s dream has come true. As of Friday, Oct 4, Marty Small is the latest Mayor of Atlantic City. At least for a little while.

Irony. Marty Small was sworn in as Mayor of Atlantic City by criminal defense attorney, Ed Jacobs. Small hired Jacobs to help him beat election fraud charges back in 2011.

Ed Jacobs Swears-in Marty Small.

Since 2007: Four of Atlantic City’s last eight mayors arrested on corruption charges.

One-third of the nine-member Atlantic City Council did prison time or have been under house arrest. Marty Small was indicted twice. Got off both times. Accused of election fraud.

Small boasting he’ll help end the State takeover of AC. Yup. Marty really said that.

It’s true the City may regain control of some neighborhoods one day. BUT…. local Atlantic City officials are not likely to gain back control of the valuable Tourism District and Stockton University District. Ever.

Swearing-in of Marty Small.

Don’t get too comfy, Marty. Wanna stay Mayor? You gotta win a special election in the very near future. If you win, you’ll get to fulfill the end of Frank Gilliam’s term. Then you’ll need to run again in 2020.

Marty Small says he has the chops to oppose the state takeover. Yup. He actually said that too.

Small is well-known as pro-NJ State. Dude not gonna rock that boat. Don’t wanna upset Lt. Gov Sheila Oliver. Marty has zero problem being tight with the State. Marty keeps the peace while keeping his constituents in the dark.

marty small laquetta
Mayor of AC & Principal of AC High School.

Interesting: Small will stay put as Atlantic City Council President… concurrently playing role of acting mayor. No worries. Marty can handle it. These two jobs come with very little responsibility.

Seriously? Marty wants both salaries. Really? That $137,000 Mayor salary could go to much better use….like hiring 2 more cops. Or a professional city manager. Giving $137,000 plus benefits to a figurehead mayor…is a serious waste of taxpayer funds. Business as usual in Atlantic City.

Mo Money, Mo Marty. It’s all about the Benjamin’s for Mr. Small, interim Atlantic City Mayor.

So far, everything’s cool with Marty. He’s living large. Getting invited to all the right parties, too.

Amy Rosenberg at Marty said he would let the city solicitor decide if he should get both salaries.

  • Council President. One meeting per month. $29,000.
  • Current Mayor’s salary is $137,000.

Mo Money. Last year, Marty got a sweet gig at Principle Charter School. As 9 school employees were being canned, Small was hired as a gym teacher making $90,000 per year. Well-to-do socialite, Gary Hill, is on the Board of Directors of Principle Charter Academy.

Mo Marty. Party Animal. The annual Small Ball is a big time Marty Small production. This year, Marty allegedly asked CRDA for a special Boardwalk Hall discount if he held his event at the historic, Atlantic City property.

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