Atlantic City Transgender Rights. Uncertain Future for Female Sports in School.

As an Atlantic City parent, would you be OK with a biological boy sharing a bathroom with your 14 yr old daughter? That’s a real question for AC school superintendent Barry Caldwell these days. So far, no comment from Mr. Caldwell.

Even the principal of Atlantic City High School, LaQuetta Small will need to soon make a statement.

My daughter’s civil rights are under attack from Gov. Murphy, Biden, Small and Caldwell. Eventually, female athletes in Atlantic City will be on the sidelines watching their own sport.

Watch video clip of President Biden’s education secretary nominee, Miguel Cardona.

The man Biden picked for US Department of Education is supportive of boys competing with girls in a track meet, says Rand Paul. Both President Biden and AC Mayor Marty Small support transgender rights for local school districts. See video>

Frankly, some boy that’s 6-foot-2 competing against my 5-foot-4 niece doesn’t sound very fair.

Rand Paul

AC Mom asks: Would Atlantic City High School principal, LaQuetta Small, think it’s fair that my daughter, who excels at track and field, lost a sports scholarship because she got beat by a transgender girl?

Imagine losing a sports scholarship and a shot at the Olympics.

BlackProudMom says: I’m no Trump fan, But I cant believe how many of my Atlantic City neighbors voted for demented Joe Biden. The Black community of Atlantic City scammed again by a Democrat party that cares very little about the inner city struggle.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has a background in coaching kids. Small supports the recent executive order signed by Joe Biden. The right for anyone to use any bathroom or locker room. No matter what their biological sex. Biden’s order also allows biological boys to compete against biological girls in scholastic sports.

Insane and so harmful for women….this is not a partisan issue…this is a women’s rights issue.

Atlantic City Mom

Public Comment: Civil rights? If you’re a boy, you compete against boys. If you’re a girl, compete against girls. If you’re trans, compete against TRANS. Start a new category if you have to.

Public Comment: Transgenders make up fraction of 1% of population. Socialists like Gov Murphy, Marty Small and Barry Caldwell want to destroy women’s sports. Morally bankrupt leadership.

Public Comment: Sex-Ed laws that are absolutely sickening. Nobody wants to send their kids to school. Parents are opting out and we are fighting it.

Biology is what matters in sports, from USA TODAY.

Biology is what matters in athletics, not a person’s identity. Gender identity can be changed. Sex is embedded in our DNA and cannot be changed. Sex is not gender.

Women’s sports were created to give girls a fair chance at competition. Girls deserve the same opportunity as boys to excel, to advance to the next level of competition, to win, and to stand on that podium. But allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports shatters girls’ dreams and denies our daughters equal opportunities.

Boys will always have certain physical advantages over girls. That’s the reason we have women’s sports in the first place.

Parents Coalition

Our daughters deserve fairness.

From USA TODAY: My daughter would have qualified for the New England regionals in the 55-meter dash in Spring 2019, but instead, the top two spots went to biological boys who identify as girls. She lost her chance to compete and instead had to watch from the stands.

High school girls — as well as collegiate, amateur, and professional female athletes all over the world and in many sports — are being dominated by biological males.

Most parents, coaches and authority figures remain silent on the transgender issue.

Young women are being bullied and called “sore losers” or “transphobic” for simply seeking fairness in sports.

We are being bullied into silence. We must speak up in order to stop this takeover of women’s rights.

Imagine your daughter, who works day and night to shave off mere fractions of a second, is denied a win or a college scholarship — all because she has to compete against boys who identify as girls. And imagine your child is marginalized and ridiculed just for raising questions. 

Bianca Stanescu and her daughter, track athlete Selina Soule, filed suit on Feb. 12, 2020, with two other female athletes and their mothers to challenge Connecticut’s athletics policy.

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3 thoughts on “Atlantic City Transgender Rights. Uncertain Future for Female Sports in School.”

  1. Let these people who Don;t know what they are get some mental help. Something their parents should have done for them when they first became aware that their son does not know he;s a boy. That thing between his legs should have told him that.. Girls don;t have one. This is only one reason that we live in a sick society today. And the liberals are driving us further and further in the hole. Stand up for your daughters.

  2. What is wrong with Biden, Murphy & Small??? This is so wrong and dangerous. What happens when the much smaller biological girl gets hurt? Will they accept responsibilities. This executive order goes too, too far for 1% of the population; what about the 99%? The fact that the “sports” mayor supports this, really should make the voters of Atlantic City question his judgement. This judgement does explain the dismal state of Atlantic City since he has become mayor. Promises made but not kept.

  3. Much ado about nothing. All these fake quotes in the article remind me of the election deniers.

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