Parents Angry At Atlantic City High School Principal, LaQuetta Small

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The new principal of Atlantic City High School is facing heat from parents. They’re not happy that Principal Laquetta Small changed the student dress code. And she did it at the last minute. wtf.

Principal Small increased the financial burden on parents. School uniforms are much cheaper and easier to deal with. Much better than trying to keep kids in the latest fashions.

LaQuetta Small is the wife of AC Mayor Marty Small. She’s also the former principal of Pennsylvania Ave. School.

What’s the plan for reducing chronic, student absenteeism? If Mayor Marty Small wants to attract more full-time families to AC, our schools need to teach our kids better. Much better.

Parents waiting for Principal Small to share plan for improving horrific student grades.

Atlantic City Schools are still a mess. No matter how much money you throw at the dysfunctional district.

Read more: Atlantic City Schools Flunk State Performance Report.

Socialite Gary Hill & LaQuetta Small

After years of inexpensive, casual uniforms, Principal Small changed this popular rule. Small eliminated the previously mandated uniform policy. No one is happy with that…. except for some of the kids.

Atlantic City parents HATE the new student dress code mandated by Small.

Aisha Williams: I’m against this across the board because we are already losing our youth to an endless battle of gun violence for what?! To add fuel to the fire we are now placing targets on them for something as senseless as their school attire!

We already have young women wearing things that are inappropriate, our young men are already doing things for ‘extra’ money because families are struggling to make ends meet and jobs for the youth are far and few and now the stakes are higher so that they can buy the latest fashions.

Fashion Tips by Team Small

For some, it’s about the uniforms or money for the purchase of additional clothing, but for me it’s about sending my child into the crossfire of those needing to ‘fit in’ in fear that they won’t be bullied, harassed or ridiculed because they or their parents couldn’t buy the the latest brands.

Jerry W Mears: Of course my kids love the idea. But I think this is a horrible change.

Gina Roche: This makes NO sense. Dress code uniforms were introduced years ago to decrease gang colors/clothing and to aid in leveling the financial divide. Having no uniform is going to be a burden on many families for kids who don’t have the funds to buy all the “name brand” clothing (that many kids want to wear). It’s going to be mayhem.

This is going to stress out so many kids and parents. What about all the uniforms we’ve all purchased these years and this summer already? And now, in the 2nd week of August they inform us of this major change? I am frustrated.

There is a great divide in the have and have nots. Making kids need to buy clothes, this close to the school year start isn’t the best thing that could happen (for many reasons.) Not to mention the whole reason for instating a uniform originally, was to help that specific financial burden for many and level the playing field.


The Board believes school dress code can enhance the school learning environment, establish greater school pride and promote a safe and friendly environment for all students. It is the responsibility of each school principal to adequately inform parents/guardians of the contents of the Student Dress Code. Proper grooming sets the tone for a respectable high school. Although It is not within the province of the school to dictate styles, it is our responsibility to strive for a positive learning atmosphere. Anything which might distract from that must, in fairness to all. be discouraged. In an effort to assist our students and their parents, the school has established the following dress code. All students are expected to abide by the following requirements when dressed for school.

• Pupils are expected to be clean and well-groomed in their appearance
• Pupils are expected to avoid extremes in appearance that are disruptive or distracting that the reaction of other pupils is beyond normal control
• Dress or grooming that jeopardizes health or safety of pupil or pupils or is injurious to school property will not be tolerated

Marty Small is a well-paid, do-nothing, blowhard.

Inappropriate Content for Clothing
• Obscenities or vulgarities in words or pictures
• Drug, alcohol or gang-related references
• Harassing or biased words or pictures related to race, religion, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation
• Undergarments should not be visible (boxer shorts, bras, panties, etc.)
• Pajama tops and/or bottoms, sleep-bottoms, and/or slippers
• Midriffs (abdomens or lower backs) should not be visible
• Cleavage should not be visible
• Tube tops, halter tops, and single-strap tops are not permitted
• Spaghetti strap tops can only be worn with another shirt over them
• Shirts that are sheer and/or expose the torso (without another shirt worn under them) are not to be worn
• Extremely short tops, shorts, or skirts not allowed. Appropriate shorts and skirts are at least fingertip length when arms are straight down at pupil’s side
• Extremely tight/form-fitting articles of clothing are not to be worn (spandex. lycra, etc.)
• Clothing with tears, rips or slits that expose skin not normally visible under other guidelines of dress code not allowed
• Hats, hoods and head coverings are not to be worn in the building
• Hats promoting sex. drugs, racial slurs and ethnic intimidations, alcohol, tobacco, profanity and violence prohibited
• Offensive or Insulting haircuts are not permitted
• Bandanas and “do rags” are not permitted

Note: Religious beliefs may require students to cover their heads

Additional Requirements:

  • Footwear. All students must wear some form of closed footwear at all times. This is a safety and health issue. Shoes should be comfortable and safe for all school activities. Slides and flipflops are not permitted.
  • Jewelry. Please limit jewelry worn to school, particularly necklaces and chains so that it does not get lost or cause injury. Excessive, bulky, or extreme jewelry is not permitted. Jewelry or accessories with spikes or other potentially dangerous features are prohibited.
  • Jewelry Piercings. Extreme and or excessive piercings are not appropriate at school. Excessive and/or extreme piercing can lead to health issues with potential for infection and injuries.


All school staff will be involved in the dress code enforcement. Students who may be considered in violation of the dress code will be referred to the principal or his/her designee for final decisions. Students may be required to wear some school-provided clothing to complete a school day. Not all circumstances are necessarily covered by the dress code. If you have any doubt as to whether or not a specific article of clothing may be a violation of the dress code, do not wear it until you are certain it is acceptable.

Procedures for Dress Code Violations

  • The student will be discreetly referred to the office as soon as possible
  • The administrator will explain the inappropriateness of the attire
  • The parent/guardian will be contacted and given an explanation of the violation
  • The student will be allowed to change clothes if clothing is available
  • Disciplinary action may be taken based on the code of conduct

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