Atlantic City Zoning Board Fumbles Hanson Sober-Living Hearing

On July 13, the Atlantic City Zoning Board gathered to consider a Hansen House ‘sober-living’ expansion into the Lower Chelsea neighborhood of Atlantic City.

Hansen House manages numerous drug and alcohol recovery facilities in the Atlantic City and Ventnor region. Many located within beach block, residential areas.

Hansen House LLC is currently in court with Ventnor, seeking tax exempt status.

The special AC Zoning-Board session featured a full house of online attendees. The public Zoom meeting was capped at 100 attendees. Many more were locked out, so they decided to reschedule.

Hansen House attorney is Keith Davis, who wasn’t happy with how things turned out during this scheduled meeting.

Hansen Atty, Keith Davis

Atlantic City Zoning Board should invest in adequate online meeting software. It’s worth the $40 per month.

Anthony Brower is the Atlantic City Zoning Board Chairman. Observers believe Brower should have taken this meeting more seriously. Some want him to step down.

Jennifer Hansen of Hansen House, is also Ole Hansen’s, Director of Real Estate Development.

Solicitor John Scott Abbott represents the Atlantic City Zoning Board.

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  1. Let the Hansens take some of their big money and build their rehab centers outside of residential areas. If they care so much about getting these people better, then they should;nt care about how much of their money they have to spend. Come on Hansens step up.

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