Terry Gross FRESH AIR Radio Looks at Atlantic City Challenges

Fresh Air Radio

LISTEN > The Terry Gross FRESH AIR radio show looked at what’s happening in Atlantic City. Amy Rosenberg, a staff writer for The Philadelphia Inquirer is featured. Bryant Simon, a professor of history at Temple University is also featured. He’s written a book called “Boardwalk Of Dreams: Atlantic City And The Fate Of Urban America.”

Atlantic City’s Disneyland before there’s Disneyland. It’s really the first great middle-class resort.

And the other thing about Atlantic City that makes it different is it’s really a city at the beach. It’s not some quaint town with dunes and white clapboard houses. It’s a town that’s vertical. And so it produces a 20th century urban fantasy at the beach and in many ways becomes, because of that, America on steroids – its best and worst features bloated and exaggerated.