Callaway Points Finger at Marty & LaQuetta Small Over Child Abuse Scandal.

LISTEN > An ugly story that local newspapers still ignore. A major scandal that affects every child in Atlantic City. Especially school students.

WPG’s Harry Hurley talks with Craig Callaway about AC Mayor Marty Small and his wife, the Principal of AC High School, LaQuetta Small.


  1. I would believe it was the smalls more Access and all they seem to care about is money they’re in it for their own gain politically and financially they don’t care about people anymore it’s quite obvious

  2. Dear Evelyn Kaplan,

    After reading your comment the only thing that is “obvious” is that you are ignorant of the basic legal principle of the United States justice system: those individuals accused of crimes are considered innocent, until and unless, proven guilty in a Court of Law.

    Shame on you for casting aspersions on Mayor and Doctor Small. Is there anything worse than an otherwise ‘erlich Juden’ who has completely forgotten the abject lessons of the Holocaust? I think not.

    Very truly yours,
    Laura Stark

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