Council President Blames Atlantic City Electric for Dark Streets That Could Lead to Crime.

WATCH Atlantic City Council Video from 1.27.2021.

You’re not imagining things. Atlantic City has less cops on the streets. Those streets are dark, too. Perfect for those who want to commit a crime.

Council President George Tibbitt not happy with Atlantic City Electric. They are responsible for maintaining those lights.

Never seen so many lights out at one time. Atlantic City Electric treating city like jerks. Don’t want to hear excuses. They’re taking our money.

George Tibbitt

Today, the very capable ACPD is a smaller force. Not enough manpower though. Not like before. Over the years, public safety in Atlantic City was downsized. Response time is getting slower?

Atlantic City used to have 432 officers. Now we have 267. Some Tanger Outlet stores are still boarded up. Fearful of a replay of those Summer 2020 AC RIOTS with BLM.

Where are cops on the street? I don’t see them.

AC Councilman Fauntleroy

Sarkos: We have a lot less cops. A huge reduction.

AC Mayoral Candidate Tom Foley

Mayor Marty Small unable to get a handle on crime. Unsuccessful at getting lights fixed in Atlantic City.

CRDA not interested in helping?

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5 thoughts on “Council President Blames Atlantic City Electric for Dark Streets That Could Lead to Crime.”

  1. john calvin kemmerer

    Am I the only one but does anyone else find it harrowing to drive down Atlantic City streets at night when pedestrians come from anyhwere and everywhere dressed in dark colors and suddenly crossing the street in front of you expecting you to
    see them and stop? Sreet lights are not a convenience they are an absolute neccesity.

  2. 267 regular officers and another sixty or so specials that were hired to walk beats on the boardwalk and Atlantic and Pacific ave. but good luck trying to find any of them walking beats. The deployment of the police man power is a joke. You need someone from the outside with no ties to anyone in the city and someone with police management experience running the police Dept. If you only knew what lack of leadership there has been for the last several years.

  3. The traffic lights and street lights have been an issue for a while. You will never get it under control until you fire and replace the PW Director. He has ruined the entire PW department and has privatization with most of the divisions now. He is probably the worst Director I have seen in 40 years.

  4. Ronald Hudson Jr

    ABSOLUTELY!!!! It literally DRIVE ME NUTS!!! I almost wrecked my vehicle on several occasions swerving to miss hitting someone dressed in dark clothes, at night, and walks right out in front of my car!!!

  5. Council president is a joke ! This guy in the yellow be hanging out with the gang members helping them sells drugs on the street I literally met him to drop off food he was at a abandoned house where people sell everyday and drink out front selling drugs. He must be the son of some one important because this guy on counsil is a joke look at him talking to cops about a robbery and then go out in the hood and be with all the people that are doing the crime somethings wrong here he must of thought no one would ever say anything but he should be removed and keep his mouth shut tryna blame the cops and let someone that’s not gangster be on the counsil to help not act like they are helping

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