CRDA & Mayor Small Blamed for Atlantic City Boardwalk Violence

Hundreds gathered on April 2nd to protest CRDA and Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small. Both catching blame for growing teen violence and out-of-control crime inside the Atlantic City Tourism District.

The video above was posted by Mayoral Candidate, Tom Forkin. It wasn’t highlighted by local media nor referenced by The Press of Atlantic City.

One rally speaker holding a ‘CRDA Fails’ sign proclaimed: Your dirty politics. Your lack of security, caused a death.

See video above: Members of the Asian community in Atlantic City asking why teens are allowed to get away with looting, violence and assault. You won’t touch them because of their color? We need to love each other. This boardwalk needs an apology. Stores being robbed and vandalized every day. Where’s the CRDA? Where are the City Officials?

Residents demanding that Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and Council President George Tibbitt resign.

Signs that read: All Lives Matter. We Need Justice. CRDA Fails. Protect Our Boardwalk with More Police.

Marty Small’s Atlantic City. Crime ridden. Dangerous and dysfunctional schools. Murders. Shootings. Drugs.

12 yr old kids looting and assaulting shop owners on the boardwalk. City, State, County and CRDA “Leaders” have failed us. They have placed our public safety at risk.

Public Comments about Atlantic City Boardwalk Crime:

John Devlin: Most important street in Atlantic City is the boardwalk- when we fail to keep it safe and clean, we have failed as a city.

Anthony Mazzone: Politicians in Atlantic city are responsible for many deaths more kids are dieing from the drugs sold to them in Atlantic city. No one cares.

Tom Forkin: we have an extremely diverse ACPD. I’m hard pressed to think of last time a white officer in AC was accused of brutality, let alone killing anyone. However, Black on Black crime is appalling. Perhaps if we focused on THAT issue, we could save many of our children being slaughtered.

Chris Ponteri: Heartbreaking. I can’t even bring my son on the boardwalk anymore. We both just don’t feel safe. My heart goes out to the family and friends. We are with you!

Ed Minchia: Atlantic City failure has been on the rise for years. It is a sad day for A.C. residents and visitors when you cannot go to work or even a walk without being safe.

James Armstrong: Kaleem Shabazz is standing in the front during this video. Shabazz demanded a resolution be drawn up by County Freeholders condemning Donald Trump. Shabazz didn’t condemn Steve Young when he told AC rioters to go ‘window shopping’ at Tanger Outlets. I wonder if he (Shabazz) will condemn killing of store owners by his constituents?

Mayor Marty Small’s Hate Crime Problem on Atlantic City Boardwalk

3 thoughts on “CRDA & Mayor Small Blamed for Atlantic City Boardwalk Violence”

  1. Children Learn What They Live. Too many of Atlantic City’s children are growing up in poverty, witnessing crime and drugs, with limited social outlets, in households impacted by untreated caretaker substance use and mental health disorders. They remain the collateral damage of our chosen industry and a man made public health crisis that continues to wreak havoc. Saying we need the police to do better to protect us from our children is a sad statement. How about trying to build them stronger? What is anybody really doing about that?

  2. Its a great day in Atlantic City, so says Mayor Small. Where in Atlantic City is it a great day,and for who. Just take a look around.

  3. Flush the town down the Toilet! It’s never going to change, All the Poli Titians that ran the town since the beginning have been corrupt! But since gaming they are criminals!Q This town is doomed and so are the taxpayers that are held captive!

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