How Landgraf and CRDA Play Dirty With Some Atlantic City Developers

This is not the first time ACprimetime received reports of CRDA Zoning Czar, Lance Landgraf, using bully tactics against small investors in Atlantic City. Watch video >

In the video above, developer Sean Reardon addresses the CRDA board. He explains to CRDA board members that he’s being unfairly fined for his vacant lot in the Atlantic City Tourism District. Currently, fines have totaled $3,350. Observers call this harassment.

The CRDA owns 100’s of vacant, Atlantic City lots. CRDA doesn’t pay taxes on these properties that are often full of trash, debris, weeds, dirt and rocks.

CRDA is often accused of harassment and intimidation. CRDA allegedly fines certain property owners until they give up/sell or relinquish the properties.

Examples of CRDA & Landgraf in action:

Ocean Club vs Landgraf & Chelsea Beach Bar

CRDA Still Trying to Steal Charlie Biernbaum’s Home

CRDA’s Landgraf is often referred to as Lance ‘Landgrab’.

Landgraf is one cocky SOB. Confident in his heavy handed ways, knowing CRDA board members, casinos and the State of NJ will circle the wagons and protect him when he often, goes too far.

CRDA Chairman, Robert Mulchahy, reportedly chastises Landgraf in private for how he treats local residents and business owners. Landgraf has a short fuse and is easily triggered.

Landgraf has thin skin, easily becomes unhinged says one frustrated business owner within Atlantic City’s tourism district.

The same can be said for board members Tolson and Gant. These two take offense when Atlantic City residents question the motives and checkered results of CRDA efforts.

Ed Gant CRDA

From PRESS OF AC: Camden County Democrats are aligned closely with South Jersey building-trades unions, and those unions are well-represented on CRDA’s board of directors. Edward Gant, business manager for IBEW Local 351, is a former union colleague of U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross, brother of George.

Tolson CRDA

From RTE 40:  Director of bricklayers union, Richard Tolson, is a CRDA board member. Two biggest contributors to AC Mayor Gilliam’s campaign were New Jersey bricklayers’ union and ironworkers’ union. Both have vested interest in state-sponsored takeover. Stockton University AC & Hard Rock Casino was built with union labor. Financial support came from State of NJ and CRDA.

CRDA board member, William T. Mullen is another board member of the CRDA, Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Mullen heads the New Jersey State Building & Construction Trades Council. Mullen was a staunch supporter of Donald Norcross’ congressional campaign.

The CRDA always seems to make life difficult for smaller investors and developers. Thru land banking and a confusing interpretation of onerous rules and regulation, CRDA has successfully pushed out or marginalized smaller, independent developers.

Atlantic City’s Planning and Development department answers to Landgraf and the CRDA. There is no partnership.

At the end of the day, the CRDA is NOT in business to revive the City of Atlantic City. Rather, the CRDA’s prime objective is to protect the golden goose called the casino industry. CRDA just whacks up it’s cut of gaming revenues. In most cases, those monies find their way back to the casinos, or into the pockets of those who rely on sweet contracts awarded by the CRDA board members.

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