Loud Commercials, No Ocean View on Atlantic City Boardwalk. Who’s Idea Was That?

Why is the Atlantic City Boardwalk filled with non-stop, loud commercials blaring from those TV screens and most casinos? Why can’t you see the ocean? These are the two most common questions asked by visitors.

Sonny Ireland is a long time resident & member of Boardwalk Committee. He spoke about the so-called Boardwalk ‘noise pollution’ from those digital screens that line the wooden way.

Casino loud speakers and beach bar DJ’s contribute to the cacophony of sounds, sales pitches and adult-oriented lyrics that assault those who just want a pleasant stroll on the boards.

Often, these noise sources overlap. This is the #1 reason why we no longer walk or ride the boards.

Before Mr Ireland takes legal action, he wants to know how council feels about this. None of this audio advertising money is helping the average AC citizen.

WATCH VIDEO. Sonny asked a question, yet Small moves onto the next issue without answering the question. Small does this often when council is cornered with a question like this.

Thankfully, Councilman Kurtz offered to answer. Council Attorney Tarver, immediately shut down that conversation the moment he heard the word ‘lawyer’ mentioned. That’s sad, but understandable.

A summer visitor approached council as well. Dave Davis is from Galveston, Texas. He loves AC. But he just can’t understand why there’s so much insane advertising noise on the Boardwalk.

Is Atlantic City trying to create an uncomfortable environment? Maybe it’s all designed to push you into the casinos?

Mountainous dunes that block the beach and surf, noise, loud music and sales pitches encouraging you to bet online. How supremely stupid.

You got a gold mine here. Why mess it up with all that loud noise? says Davis.

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