Mayor Fails at Removing Young from Atlantic City Planning Board

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Young Frustrates Mayor

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small promised to remove Steve Young from the planning board and the Citizen’s Advisory Board. So far, Small has failed dramatically at both.

To remove Young, a BLM activist, from the Atlantic City Planning Board, requires a special City Council meeting. What’s stopping Small?

A slap in the face of Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small. Members of the Atlantic City Planning Board have voted to reappoint Community Activist Steve Young as Chairman.

BLM activist Steve Young promoted multiple Atlantic City protests during 2020.

The May 31 protest started out calm, but ultimately turned into a hate-filled riot. It created massive losses within the AC retail community. Thousands lost their jobs. Another black eye for Atlantic City.

On January 5, Steve Young was voted in for another term as Chairman of the Atlantic City Planning Board.

The Mayor and Planning Board facing backlash over a new car-wash being constructed on Albany Ave. Allegations that local, black investors were ignored and not given equal opportunity. Young has yet to finger the CRDA for that one.

On several occasions, Small attempted to remove Young from the Atlantic City Planning Board and Civilian Advisory Board.

Why did Young organize protests and unrest in Atlantic City?

  • Charges of systemic racism
  • Police involved shootings
  • Gov Murphy & Mayor Small’s handling of Covid-19 chaos
  • Lack of diversity on the CRDA

Young supports a Black Agenda focused on education, health, criminal justice, housing and poverty.

Atlantic City Planning Board members:

  • Keturah Jackson
  • Mea Solomon
  • Patricia Tatum
  • Barbara Lyles Belton
  • Mayor Marty Small

I have a large, historic collection of Black women on the Planning Board.

Steve Young

Young: This is historic because most Boards are made up of White men. This leaves women out of decision making and planning.

Young wants Mayor Small to attend Atlantic City Planning Board meetings. ‘He misses many’ says Young.

It’s the Mayor’s responsibility to fill planning board vacancies says Young.

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