Postcard Joey Polillo Un-filtered; Atlantic City Now and Then

Mr. Joseph Polillo…  this guy BLEEDS Atlantic City. Also known as POST CARD JOEY Polillo. Using super-human powers, he forced his way onto The Mel Taylor WPG 1450 Talk Radio Show on Jan 8, 2016. Click to listen.

Polillo was employed by Atlantic City for 30 years, working as Chief Licence Inspector. Needless to say, Joey has seen the good, bad and the ugly…. during his 3 decades working for the City. He knows where many bodies are buried. 😉

2009 Atlantic City mayoral candidates, from left, Jesse O. Kurtz, Joseph Polillo, incumbent Lorenzo Langford and Dennis Mason:

Pic: Press of Atlantic City

2009 Atlantic City mayoral candidates, Kurtz, Polillo, incumbent Langford and Mason.

Read More at Press of Atlantic City: Atlantic City mayoral candidates split on plans for Bader Field

Polillo took multiple runs for local Atlantic City public office, including the Mayor’s seat. Polillo lost each time but certainly made an impact with his passionate pleas for municipal sanity.

Today, Joey Polillo is an author, actor, regular radio guest, grower of a massive beard, Atlantic City history & postcard expert…..and a no-nonsense sh*t-stirrer.

Postcard Joey Polillo is an Atlantic City classic. He’s our kind of guy.

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2 thoughts on “Postcard Joey Polillo Un-filtered; Atlantic City Now and Then”

  1. Hi Joe, it’s Harry Himles writing you. I was wondering if you had any of those post cards of me with the Cole Brothers? If you do, could you please mail or email them to me? Any pictures that you might have of us would be great. Thanks Joe. Stay well.

    Best, Harry

  2. Rebecca Kleitz

    Dear Joey–I wonder if you remember the two young ladies you showed Atlantic City in 1977? You brought us to the Brigantine Castle, and then that night you and my sister(much older than me, of course) hung out that night, and we actually stayed with you and your brother, John, for the rest of the weekend.
    You gave me a rock with one of your sayings on it–“The hardest things to do are the things you don’t want to do.”.
    You also took us to Tony Baloney’s on Oriental/Vermont avenues–we were from Vermont, and it was cool to eat on one of the Monopoly streets!! LOL. Best spaghetti I’d ever had!!
    Well, glad to know you’re still breathing. Thanks for making my one visit to Atlantic City a memory that has lasted a lifetime!

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