Ugly Truth: Atlantic City Still Dark, Dangerous and Devoid of Self-Awareness

Atlantic City Pacific and Tennessee Ave
Corner of Pacific and Tennessee Ave

There were 36 Drug & Alcohol violations reported in Atlantic City over the past 28 days. According to A deep cancer underlying city wide drug problem.

A walk or ride thru the AC Tourism District, especially on Pacific Ave, is a nightmare. Especially at night. Lack of adequate lighting, makes the crime problem much worse.

I refuse to go anywhere near Pacific & Tennessee Ave in Atlantic City.

Tennessee Ave is cool, but it’s smack dab in an area of Atlantic City I wouldn’t send my worst enemy.

Do your best to NOT get stuck at a red light. Some creeps will approach your car. Make sure your doors are locked.

Not only is AC in broad daylight a freak show, but when sun goes down, that’s when the real horror show begins.

After 35+ years of casino gaming, Atlantic City and the CRDA can’t even make the streets safer with brighter lights and more police presence.

Atlantic City. Sex-Offender, Ex-Offender Dumping Ground.
Atlantic City. Sex-Offender, Ex-Offender Dumping Ground.

When will Atlantic City take back it’s streets? Why does Council and CRDA allow the county to dump ex-offenders here? Especially in the Tourism District?

Jim Kennedy: Atlantic City had 52 assaults in the past 28 days. The majority of the assaults are in the Tourism District. It’s not that tourists are under attack. It’s just that AC streets seem to be out of control. Wide spread assaults feed the perception of unsafe streets.

There are 165 registered sex offenders living in Atlantic City as of October 24, 2018.

The State Police maintain a directory of registered sex offenders — data’s been used by

Map of registered sex offenders in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Sex Offender Map
Atlantic City Sex Offender Map

“What hath Casinos wrought”. AC maintains its spot at the bottom of Forbes’ Best Places for Business for the sixth straight year. Atlantic County is on the 2018 Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers at dead last #200. list via @forbes

Sports betting is no silver bullet for Atlantic City. “While sports betting more than doubled in New Jersey in September, only 25 percent of the win was reported by Atlantic City casinos. The majority was online or at racetracks.”


  1. Why such a RACIST ass picture.a blackman looking over atlantic city with a story about rampant crime and drugs.HOW RACIST AND WRONG and i truly hope others see your racist PHOTO.

    1. It’s true, Dude. I’m black and that’s what I see too. Why act like you don’t see it? It’s a picture of the people that live there. Not the transients. Who do YOU see standing around (loitering)?


  2. It is what it is and what that is, is an unattractive, unpleasant, crime and drug ridden inner city dump. Id been and still do visit the resorts for gaming and entertainment and if summer the beach. Just not nearly as much as I once did. It was never the nicest place honestly. The boardwalk is dirty and filled with crappy little shops like as if your in a 3rd world country.

    I mean just think about how plenty of jersey shore towns that thrive from Sandy Hook all the way down to cape may. They do so in only really about the warmer half the year with far less going on. Compared to other shore towns, AC has enormous amount of entertainment, shows, restaurants, shops, and of course gaming and has all of this all year round. Yet they still struggle to survive while towns without gaming and only a small percentage if any of that other stuff do well and only have less than half the year (weather wise) to do it.

    Its not a nice place to bring the family anymore. It never was the nicest for that but you could still do it. Its not a pleasant, nice, clean, attractive, place that it could be. If the town and the boardwalk wasn’t the inner city dump that it is, it would thrive enormously. Even with the expansion of gaming to other places and through other avenues (like on line gaming) AC would (could) still be a great vacation area for many families from all over the area as well as from more distant areas and would thrive year round.

    But instead what AC offers is a dirty, crappy 3rd world atmosphere once you leave the confines of your resort of choice and even on the “famous” boardwalk.

    So yes….it is what it is. Nothing racist about it. Just the facts. People dont want to vacation overnight, for a weekend, or a week in what is a poor inner city area that has alot of crime, drugs and a feeling of ugliness. They want clean, pretty, nice but thats not what the majority of AC is once outside your resort.

    1. I am reading various responses to the condition of AC, most of which really turn me off to going there-so many other places to go! like Ocean City, perfect for families, clean, and fun. When I was a kid in the 50’s-70’s, Atlantic City was full of all kinds of fun for families and a safe place to be day or night, on or off the boardwalk. It has been very disheartening to see its terrible decline; to see how the casino business has in the long run been very bad for it. Restoration possible? will take a miracle but bring it on!

  3. If it’s a dump, why is it almost $500 for a Saturday night hotel room at the nice casinos? Some nights are sold out at those rates. Appreciate what you have!

    1. Firstly they are not quite that high but depends on which resort and which room types. But don’t be fooled by room pricing. Whether 350 or 500 for a Saturday night has little to do with the opinions that the city is a dump. Inflated room pricing has a lot to do with player comps. Whether discounted or free room comps, the inflated pricing acts as a business expense for the resort. They also act as a business expense for corporations who book rooms for clients and or employees functions and such. So both those are a big part of the reason for inflated priced expensive rooms. Its always been that way.

      But none of that has anything to do with the town being a dump. Don’t confuse the casino resorts room pricing with the town itself when discussing whether or not the town is a dump. In fact lets hypothetically remove the casino resorts and see just how fast the town goes even further downhill than what it already is. That already followed suit just by the closing of some the resorts in recent past years. Now with the new Hardrock and Ocean resorts hopefully things will more liven up a bit again.

      Over all AC would attract so many more weekend visitors and week long vacationers (especially in the warmer half the year and summer if the town itself was a pleasant atmosphere. As I said in my other comments, its dirty, ugly, and is an inner city demographic high in crime and drugs. Its not exactly the pleasant, attractive , clean, pretty beach town where families generally want to go vacation. Many more would likely do just that if it wasn’t the filth that it is.

    1. Like any other city? Your kidding right?
      Firstly its nothing like any other city. Its really a town and not a city at all. Its also a place with much more shopping, dinning, entertainment than just any town and 24/7 gaming with mega resorts while also being a beach town.
      As mentioned, One of the things that holds AC back is the demographic which occupies the town. The poorer and crime ridden inner city environment with its unattractive slum looking streets and homes and the local people roaming the streets and boardwalk . The majority of the town called Atlantic City in many similarities represents the parts of cities in which people do not normally want to associate with nor visit. That is why so many more people and families dont visit AC than otherwise might.
      AC should be attracting so many more good people and families even in the cold months considering all it has to offer and the money and businesses they have put in place. But it doesnt matter because no matter how hard they try and continue to do so because it cant overcome the ugly truths mentioned in this entire article and posts.
      Why do you think a new Stockton University campus was just erected in AC? Its not because its a great prosperous town but because in fact its a depressed inner city town that needs help. Just the same way they do these things in many depressed areas and towns. Kind of sad though, that it comes at the expense of subjecting our young college students to the temptations of very addictive gambling, not to mention the hard expensive partying and all the while not at all a real safe environment to roam the streets late nights.
      last time there recently (as mentioned we do go for the gaming and the resorts) we stopped in McDonalds for a soda in the middle of a drizzly day as we were walking the shopping outlets in town. What did I find as we walked in? Locals hanging out like it was a homeboy school yard Occupying multiple tables with no purchases, and even people skate boarding in the McDonalds. Foul language, rude, and completely lacking in common courtesies, respect and etiquette.
      Thats Atlantic City and If you really “love it” then why not live there among that? if you do live there and still love it, then glad for you. But I guess your ideologies or visions of what a lovely place is are pretty darn low.

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