Ugly Truth: Atlantic City Still Dark, Dangerous and Devoid of Self-Awareness

Atlantic City Pacific and Tennessee Ave
Corner of Pacific and Tennessee Ave

There were 36 Drug & Alcohol violations reported in Atlantic City over the past 28 days. According to A deep cancer underlying city wide drug problem.

A walk or ride thru the AC Tourism District, especially on Pacific Ave, is a nightmare. Especially at night. Lack of adequate lighting, makes the crime problem much worse.

I refuse to go anywhere near Pacific & Tennessee Ave in Atlantic City.

Tennessee Ave is cool, but it’s smack dab in an area of Atlantic City I wouldn’t send my worst enemy.

Do your best to NOT get stuck at a red light. Some creeps will approach your car. Make sure your doors are locked.

Not only is AC in broad daylight a freak show, but when sun goes down, that’s when the real horror show begins.

After 35+ years of casino gaming, Atlantic City and the CRDA can’t even make the streets safer with brighter lights and more police presence.

Atlantic City. Sex-Offender, Ex-Offender Dumping Ground.
Atlantic City. Sex-Offender, Ex-Offender Dumping Ground.

When will Atlantic City take back it’s streets? Why does Council and CRDA allow the county to dump ex-offenders here? Especially in the Tourism District?

Jim Kennedy: Atlantic City had 52 assaults in the past 28 days. The majority of the assaults are in the Tourism District. It’s not that tourists are under attack. It’s just that AC streets seem to be out of control. Wide spread assaults feed the perception of unsafe streets.

There are 165 registered sex offenders living in Atlantic City as of October 24, 2018.

The State Police maintain a directory of registered sex offenders — data’s been used by

Map of registered sex offenders in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Sex Offender Map
Atlantic City Sex Offender Map

“What hath Casinos wrought”. AC maintains its spot at the bottom of Forbes’ Best Places for Business for the sixth straight year. Atlantic County is on the 2018 Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers at dead last #200. list via @forbes

Sports betting is no silver bullet for Atlantic City. “While sports betting more than doubled in New Jersey in September, only 25 percent of the win was reported by Atlantic City casinos. The majority was online or at racetracks.”

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