Callaway: Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small is Black Racist.

Atlantic City Elite? Mayor Small & Gary Hill.

Yes or no. Will Atlantic City change it’s form of government? Will Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small get the boot? We’ll find out on March 31.

Chiming in on the issue was Craig Callaway, the infamous election manipulator was on Harry Hurley’s WPG 1450 am radio show, the morning of Feb 11.

Craig Callaway: Marty Small is a black racist. He has a problem with immigrants. Specifically the South Asian community. And he also has a very serious problem with the Hispanic & Latino community. He ignores them. He tries to use them for their support.

Hurley & Callaway 2.11.20

Here are some items and thoughts we gleaned from the one-hour, Hurley radio interview:

Callaway will utilize GOTV, Get Out The Vote, to defeat the government change. No shocker there. Callaway already has at least, 5 pliable candidates already in place on Atlantic City Council.

Changing form of government is not in the best interest of AC says Craig. A city manager would have too much power.

NOTE: Callaway hates that council could have less influence on how to allocate contracts and other financial benefits to their friends and family.

Harry Hurley Craig Callaway Atlantic City
Hurley & Callaway

Callaway: Yes, there’s a cartel on council. They need to be thrown out.

Technically….GOTV, Get Out The Vote, is legal. According to Callaway, he ‘advises’ people on how to vote. He admits that many do ask him for help.

We fail miserably when it comes to picking the Mayor. My brother and I laugh about it.

Craig Callaway on Harry Hurley show.

Every so often, that process works well. Example: during the race for Freeholder, beating Brigantine’s Phil Guenther was critical to the urban community.

Elites pose with NJ State takeover czar

Atlantic City Mayor, Marty Small, was once supported by Callaway. But no more.

Marty Small is a key reason why 3000 people signed that change of gov’t petition.

Callaway: Marty Small, he’s the main one that people in Atlantic City DO NOT LIKE….and why they want change.

Callaway: Marty is a pseudo-elitist. A small group of elite, African Americans feeding at the trough. All they want to do, is take care of themselves.

Sulimon & Team Callaway

Callaway to Marty Small: cut those ties with the black elites.

Callaway: Marty Small will never be an elected Mayor of Atlantic City. Small will not have the support of the Atlantic City Democratic committee.

Team Small

It’s likely, that Democrat Atlantic County Chair, Michael Sulimon, will support whatever the Atlantic City committee supports.

Marty is so disliked. Really un-popular. He will be defeated.

Craig Callaway

NOTE: Callaway supports allowing those on parole or probation, to vote.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small always plays dirty.

Callaway: Mayor Small gave false info to Rob Long from DCA, about the MUA designees. Callaway: Marty discriminating against 2 Muslim women appointed to AC Water Company Board of Directors.

Small played this game with Atlantic City councilwoman, Latoya Dunston, too.

DCA’s Rob Long & Small

Democrat Brigid Harrison wanted to hire Callaway in order to beat NJ Congressman Jeff Van Drew. She met with Sulimon and Callaway at a local restaurant. Callaway: She (Brigid) was so deceitful.

Brigid Harrison is a very liberal, college professor from Montclair University.

Atlantic City Elite. Hill & Small.