Hansen Foundation, Business of Sober Living Homes in Atlantic City.


Atlantic City residents asking why so-called ‘Sober Living’ homes are multiplying in their neighborhoods. Is the 6th ward of AC becoming the next social services district?

The Hansen Foundation manages residential housing for drug and alcohol recovery.

The two Hansen properties — 16 S. Tallahassee Ave. and 114 S. Raleigh Ave. — allegedly violate local ordinance that mandates these facilities to be at least 660 feet apart from each other.

According to it’s website, the Hansen Foundation wants to be recognized as a national leader in Recovery Housing. NOTE: Ole Hansen and Sons owns and operates the Downbeach Express toll road in and out of Margate.

Will Atlantic City pursue legal action against Hansen Foundation?

Hansen Foundation.

Dale Finch is the Director of Licensing and Inspections for Atlantic City. Finch has already served notice of Hansen’s violations. Next step: Must consider having City of Atlantic City go to court. Compel Hansen Foundation to vacate non-compliant properties.

Hansen Foundation is represented by local attorney, Keith Davis.


Notes from attached video:

Allegation: Hansen Foundation quietly buys up properties. Especially in areas like Atlantic City’s 6th ward. Big houses. Holds more residents. Large properties at distressed pricing.

From Burlington County Times: In 2012, the New Jersey DCA, Department of Community Affairs, began investigating the organization’s recovery house subsidiary, known as Serenity House. According to court documents, DCA alleged that the foundation had been operating illegally as an unlicensed rooming or boarding house and issued what Hansen said was a $10,000 fine.

Taking advantage of available financial incentives from the State of New Jersey.

Charity is big business.

Rick Kramer lives on South Raleigh, in the CRDA controlled, Atlantic City Tourism District. Right next to a Hansen Foundation recovery home. ‘It’s more of a drug treatment center’ says Rick.

CRDA Lance Landgraf Ventnor
CRDA’s Landgraf (r)

Lance Landgraf, CRDA Zoning Czar, controls the Atlantic City Tourism District.

Landgraf keeping quiet while violations spike.

NJ State offering greater financial incentives to help build more ‘sober-homes’.

Concentration of these group homes are of great concern to quiet, beach block neighbors.

Sober living homes in Atlantic City can impact quality of life for neighbors.

Real Estate agents fear lower property values. The rise in short-term rentals like AirBnB also play a role. Should real estate execs disclose / notify a potential buyer about location of non-compliant projects?

Atlantic City Sober Living Homes

  • Hansen/Serenity House 114 S. Raleigh Ave.
  • Oxford House Cas Del Mar 111 S. Bartram Ave.
  • Oxford House Bartram 47 S. Bartram Ave.
  • Oxford House Ocean 4703 Atlantic Ave.
  • Hansen/Serenity House 16 S. Tallahassee Ave.

The Hansen Foundation Board of Directors live in Florida, Colorado and Margate.

Atlantic City Council President Marty Small opted to cut off extended discussion of this topic. AC Mayor Frank Gilliam was not in attendance.

Atlantic City Becoming Social Services Magnet?

Jennifer Hansen

Jennifer Hansen is a co-founder of the Hansen Foundation and CEO of Enlightened Solutions. She also runs Enlightened Cafe in Ventnor, a place for intensive outpatient therapy, addiction treatment and recovery resources.

Local attorney & resident Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity : Atlantic City homeowners are already struggling with high taxes, crime, and declining property values. This is the last thing they need. If Hansens have such concern for transitioning these people back into the community, why not buy and use some houses in their own neighborhoods in Margate?

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