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Construction Fast & Furious at Stockton Gateway Project in Atlantic City. VIDEO.

Our latest pictures & video from the Stockton University project, at Albany and the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Jingoli is the general contractor. Construction progress moving ahead full speed. It’s a beautiful thing to behold. A mechanical ballet of heavy equipment; jack hammers, bulldozers and cranes. Adjacent Ventnor & Atlantic City property values showing signs of…

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Gural Talks Meadowlands Casino and Atlantic City Re-Invention

Jeff Gural, owner of Meadowlands Race Track, called into ACprimetime Radio to discuss benefits of North Jersey Casinos. Click to listen. On Nov 8, NJ voters will decide on whether to expand gaming in New Jersey. The referendum, if OK’ed by voters, will allow 2 casinos to operate in the northern portion of the state….

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Atlantic City Cancels EDM Beach Concert at Last Minute. Pressure from Caesars?

Atlantic City’s Mayor, under likely pressure from Caesars Casino, caved to the pressure and cancelled the 2-day EDM festival called Electric Adventure. EDM stands for electronic dance music, and is arguably one of the most popular genres of music today, targeting 18-34 year olds. Exactly what Atlantic City needs more of. Unfortunately, this age group doesn’t…

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Men Behind the Women of Miss America. Haskell and Randle

CEO Sam Haskell and COO Josh Randle are the men behind the women of the Miss America organization. We visited the MISS AMERICA ORGANIZATION in Atlantic City on Aug 29, inside the beautiful Claridge Hotel. Listen. They’re featured guests on ACprimetime Radio. CEO Sam Haskell COO Josh Randle Topics covered: It’s more than just a beauty…

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Atlantic City Needs More Miss Americas, Not Expensive Beach Concerts

Immediate, long term, regional and national benefit for the Atlantic City economy. It’s not the expensive, no re-entry, ‘one & done’ beach concerts. It’s actually investments like Miss America. And Atlantic City needs more of it. It’s now becoming politically correct to question the ROI; return on investment, of the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic…

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Local Business Sees Little Benefit in Atlantic City Beach Concerts

Saturday’s Jimmy Buffett concert brought thousands to the beaches of Atlantic City, but did they spend any money with local business? Merchants on the Boardwalk and through-out the city had mixed feelings about the benefits of these fun, yet expensive shows on the beach. Beach Concerts Good for Local Atlantic City Business? According to the…

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Press of Atlantic City Owner Admits Significant Newspaper Decline

The owner of The Press of Atlantic City has little faith in the future of newspaper? According to a recent Politico interview, Warren Buffett; owner of BH Media, says “Newspapers are going to go downhill. Most newspapers, the transition to the internet so far hasn’t worked in digital. The revenues don’t come in.” Buffett and BH (Berkshire Hathaway)…

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Playground Struggles As Blatstein Trys to Grab Another Pier in Atlantic City

Is Bart Blatstein grabbing up too much Atlantic City Boardwalk property? The Philly developer desperate for an AC win, is now trying to acquire both Garden Pier and an adjacent lot along the Boardwalk. Oddly, Garden Pier & the adjacent volleyball court were not part of recent auctions held by the City. These two prime properties…

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Atlantic City Mayor Disses Popular Miss America Investment

Did Atlantic City’s biggest cheerleader just diss the newly revived Miss America Pageant? Maybe pressure from the looming Nov 3 deadline pushed Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian to misspeak. Guardian recently told Bloomberg News that investing in the annual event was a waste of casino generated funds. According to NJ.com / Bloomberg report, investments in the…