CRDA Hammered for Attempted Chelsea Beach Take-Over. Re-Development Abuse?

WATCH VIDEO > The infamous CRDA, also known as the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, met on Tuesday, Jan 30. After years of pretty much doing as they pleased, the 17 CRDA boardmembers got a taste of taxpayer anger. Why is stuff like this hidden? Secret deals between City & CRDA? Why are you taking our family beach?

Was CRDA about to approve initial steps for potential redev of beaches adjacent to Ocean Club & Trop? According to the CRDA agenda, it sure seems like it.

Resident in attendance: We’re not just a bunch of old white people. Why take away our Chelsea neighborhood beach, which happens to be our public park?

Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam says residents better get used to idea that something’s eventually gonna go there. ‘Are your threatening us Mayor?’ replied an Ocean Club resident. Gilliam is not shy about his desire to see development on that Chelsea Beach. Whether residents like it or not. The Mayor of AC stirred up a hornets nest. Not smart.

Horrible, vulgar language coming from trashy beach bar music.

Atty for Tropicana AC says they’re against the redevelopment area – because portion of “redevelopment area” is in front of their Chelsea tower. “It is not compatible with the redevelopment of the Chelsea” WATCH VIDEO by TRIAX 57:

Mayor Gilliam had a very rocky, inaugural meeting. His very first as a member of the CRDA board.

Gilliam was inaccurate and almost, kinda threatening. (watch video) Re-development by the CRDA is MUCH DIFFERENT than Atlantic City Council leasing out beaches. Gilliam quickly found out that CRDA meetings are no place to make stuff up. He’s gonna get called out. This is not the Council Chambers of Atlantic City where most don’t really pay attention or fact-check.

CRDA was ready to review redevelopment plans for the beach and Boardwalk between Montpelier and Morris Ave. Residents of Ocean Club condos and the adjacent Chelsea neighborhood questioned the proposed beach bar expansion. Will there be loss of public access to beach? Families that live in the Chelsea section of AC ask why this beautiful space was in need of ‘redevelopment’?

Advertising in newspaper legal notices is not effective way to reach residents and taxpayers.

Why would City Council, the planning board and the CRDA want to hand over this family friendly, multi-cultural, Atlantic City beach to a private developer?

  • On Dec. 13, 2017, Atlantic City Council backed away from voting on Chelsea Beach issue.
  • Dev plan was ultimately approved by the State monitor just before end of 2017. Memo was sent to CRDA.
  • Gary Hill recused himself from discussion. Why?
  • CRDA board says no site plans have been introduced.
  • Atty for Trop suggests process has been non-traditional. Trop kept in dark?
  • CRDA Director Mulcahy claims board is here to make Atlantic City better.
  • Note: only 2 of 17 CRDA board members are from Atlantic City.
  • State and casinos are real power behind CRDA.
  • Mulcahy and Gant got spooked? There was a call for a motion to delay the discussion & vote.
  • Mayor Gilliam is target of much criticism. ‘Out of touch with residents.’


The CRDA’s next meeting to allocate millions, is Feb 20.

17 thoughts on “CRDA Hammered for Attempted Chelsea Beach Take-Over. Re-Development Abuse?”

  1. In the middle of the sheet of paper listing the agenda for yesterday’s CRDA meeting, which included the redevelopment for the beach and boardwalk between Montpelier and Morris Avenues, is a small gray box which states: Items listed below have been reviewed and recommended by Committee for Board approval.

    The Mayor and CRDA stating no site plans have been introduced – how can a plan for redevelopment be reviewed and recommended with knowing what kind of redevelopment will be done? And if no specific person is asking for this redevelopment, as CRDA stated, why did the owner of Celebrity Deli and his lawyer appear and speak at the CRDA meeting regarding this issue?

    1. The person who spoke for the Chelsea Beach bar is not an attorney. He’s Dominic’s son in law and the manager of the Beach Bar. They were so confident that the CRDA would pass the resolution, that they did not spend money to have their attorney speak for them. This was one time, people who feel entitled to do what ever they want and hell with the rest of the folks, got a reality check. Please keep fighting to defend our Chelsea beach.

  2. I live on the beach on Montplier Ave.Why would I want to sit outside my condo which directly faces the beach and listen to that loud,vulgar music all night?? ????

  3. You will find as we proceed as a city, that Gilliam is a friend to the color GREEN only , which can provide kick backs to a corrupt Mayor .

    1. Why is it that tax paying residents find themselves in the unenviable position of having to beg a state controlled body to not disturb that which is what Atlantic City has always been about , ” the beach and boardwalk ” . It wasn’t until casinos came to Atlantic City that the beach and boardwalk was no longer a consideration for the tax paying residents and visitors , it is a misnomer if one believes the reinvention of Atlantic City depends on destroying nature , a natural resource that has always been the major attraction , aside from casinos . The beach bars are in my opinion a disturbing intrusion into the lives of many who enjoy the serenity of the beach and boardwalk . I’m 72 years old and have lived in Atlantic City all my life , the one constant is that I once enjoyed the beach and boardwalk , not today . I guess that means I’m no longer relevant . They should have asked Gilliam , has he promised the developers that there would be no problem and what kind of personal deal did he make ? As for the CRDA , their attempt at inclusion and sincere concern for the city and it’s residents , I find that hard to believe . Creating a Tourism District was the beginning of the death nill for the beach and boardwalk , mark my words . CRDA has spent outrages sums of money and Atlantic City is still in the dump .

  4. Anthony Carfagno ..(AC FIRE FIGHTER)

    Funny how the “APPOINTED STATE” monitors, are more interested in making MONEY for there PAL’S, than taking care of The GREATER GOOD??? (The “Public”) including it’s “Public Servant’s” HIT HARD Buy this unethical administration !

    1). The Pilot legislation ( otherwise known as the City TAKEOVER ; Recovery bill, rehabilitation plan or Sustainability?)

    Sadly this 1711 (BEAST BILL)/ Amendment to Senate, has generated nothing but TROUBLE for Atlantic City (BUT MILLIONS) for the REBRANDED LAW FIRM APPOINTED to handle all of the State/ City matters.. Christie’s “LONG TIME PAL” Jeff Chiesa.

    Here is something the Citizens of Atlantic City may not know?

    Why did former Governor Christie allow a Law Firm Who FOUNDER (David Samson), an ALLY), but who was CHARGED & later pleaded “GUILTY To Bribery”;
    Why did he ALLOW this form Samson LAWER to handle the Work in Atlantic City, but under a NEW NAME?
    WHY was this DISBARRED lawyer’s Former Firm .. who was Charged in a Bribery Scheme:
    WHY was one of former ASSOCIATES, Jeff Chiesa Appointed the PRIVILEGE of $400 an hour for Atlantic City TAKEOVER WORK?!

    Former New Jersey Attorney General And Chairman Of The Port Authority Board Of Commissioners Pleads GUILTY To Bribery:

  5. Anthony Carfagno (Again)

    How did he get away with it?

    TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie ‘s longtime FRIEND, former U.S. Sen. Jeff Chiesa, will be paid $400 an hour to oversee:
    ‘The State TAKEOVER of Atlantic City.

    Chiesa was given “WIDE-RANGING AUTHORITY” in the STATE’S CONTROVERSIAL EFFORT to keep the seaside gambling resort from falling into bankruptcy.

    Christie FRIEND to get $400 an hour for Atlantic City TAKEOVER WORK!

  6. Anthony Carfagno

    BUT: The Christie (State) administration APPOINTEES, really didn’t NEED to look far?

    Atlantic City ALREADY HAD: “CRDA!”
    (What happened?)

    Read this article: 👀CAREFULLY 👀

    CRDA CHAIR Unapologetic About awarding contract to Norcross firm;
    June 20, 2017

    Highlight of article-
    The contract came months after Gov. Christie replaced the executive director of the CRDA with CHRIS HOWARD, an attorney who previously worked in the governor’s administration and at Parker McCay, a law firm headed by Philip Norcross, brother of George Norcross.

    Against the backdrop of the STATE TAKEOVER of Atlantic City and QUESTIONS about the ongoing influence of Norcross and ALLIES of Gov. Christie, though, the contract award RAISED EYEBROWS LOCALLY.

    CRDA [ before the STATE / Christie intervention] has controlled the investment of nearly $2 BILLION DOLLARS from a 1.25 percent tax on gross casino revenue since 1984.

    Its (CRDA’S) MANDATE has been CONSTRAINED in the last year, as much of its REVENUE was redirected to help Atlantic City stave off insolvency.
    (CRDA was) Conceived as the vehicle for Atlantic City’s revitalization, CRDA has also directed hundreds of millions to other parts of New Jersey and back into casino projects.

  7. Sadly .. The apple’s don’t fall FAR from the tree.

    DOJ CHARGE on Samson
    If you did read the “Department of Justice” Notice on Samson ..
    From U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman,
    Inspector General Michael Nestor of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Office of Inspector General,
    and ..
    Special Agent in Charge Timothy Gallagher of the FBI’s Newark Division “The SHOT ACROSS THE BOW” of Public Servant’s was:

    “This kind of case shakes public confidence in our institutions of government when people who are SO ACCOMPLISHED,
    WHO have occupied SO MANY POSITIONS of:
    “Public Trust”, MISUSE their AUTHORITY to get ..
    SOMETHING FOR THEMSELVES,” U.S. Attorney Fishman said.

    “It’s a betrayal of our trust and what we have the right to expect from those in public life and it makes the job of every honest public employee just that much harder.”

    “This case should serve as a strong WAKE-UP CALL
    “Warning” (SHOT OVER THE BOW”; to those ‘Public Servants’ at ALL [Every] levels, who might consider ABUSING their [Public] OFFICIAL POSITIONS, for their [Own] PERSONAL BENEFIT,
    or .. ‘The benefit of others,” Inspector General Nestor said.
    “They should focus their efforts on fulfilling their agency’s MISSION [Statement] without any consideration for how the agency can be MISUSED for PERSONAL and other IMPROPER .. PURPOSE’S.”

    “The FBI’s stance on public corruption is that of zero tolerance and therefore one of our highest priorities,” Special Agent in Charge Gallagher said. “We in the FBI believe that public corruption is among the most serious of criminal violations. It is a betrayal of the public’s sacred trust. If allowed to grow, public corruption permeates all aspects of society and affects all other criminal priorities. And if allowed to spread unchecked, public corruption can threaten the very foundation of democracy. These charges reflect the FBI’s commitment to fighting public corruption and we will continue to aggressively pursue those that participate in these types of crimes.”

  8. Of course, much of the firm’s bread & butter is tied to government work. The link between Christie and Samson appear to have been quite favorable to Wolff & Samson–how much of that works still flows from the State of New Jersey without him might have a greater impact than the potential branding issues.

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