CRDA Hammered for Attempted Chelsea Beach Take-Over. Re-Development Abuse?

WATCH VIDEO > The infamous CRDA, also known as the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, met on Tuesday, Jan 30. After years of pretty much doing as they pleased, the 17 CRDA boardmembers got a taste of taxpayer anger. Why is stuff like this hidden? Secret deals between City & CRDA? Why are you taking our family beach?

Was CRDA about to approve initial steps for potential redev of beaches adjacent to Ocean Club & Trop? According to the CRDA agenda, it sure seems like it.

Resident in attendance: We’re not just a bunch of old white people. Why take away our Chelsea neighborhood beach, which happens to be our public park?

Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam says residents better get used to idea that something’s eventually gonna go there. ‘Are your threatening us Mayor?’ replied an Ocean Club resident. Gilliam is not shy about his desire to see development on that Chelsea Beach. Whether residents like it or not. The Mayor of AC stirred up a hornets nest. Not smart.

Horrible, vulgar language coming from trashy beach bar music.

Atty for Tropicana AC says they’re against the redevelopment area – because portion of “redevelopment area” is in front of their Chelsea tower. “It is not compatible with the redevelopment of the Chelsea” WATCH VIDEO by TRIAX 57:

Mayor Gilliam had a very rocky, inaugural meeting. His very first as a member of the CRDA board.

Gilliam was inaccurate and almost, kinda threatening. (watch video) Re-development by the CRDA is MUCH DIFFERENT than Atlantic City Council leasing out beaches. Gilliam quickly found out that CRDA meetings are no place to make stuff up. He’s gonna get called out. This is not the Council Chambers of Atlantic City where most don’t really pay attention or fact-check.

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CRDA was ready to review redevelopment plans for the beach and Boardwalk between Montpelier and Morris Ave. Residents of Ocean Club condos and the adjacent Chelsea neighborhood questioned the proposed beach bar expansion. Will there be loss of public access to beach? Families that live in the Chelsea section of AC ask why this beautiful space was in need of ‘redevelopment’?

Advertising in newspaper legal notices is not effective way to reach residents and taxpayers.

Why would City Council, the planning board and the CRDA want to hand over this family friendly, multi-cultural, Atlantic City beach to a private developer?

  • On Dec. 13, 2017, Atlantic City Council backed away from voting on Chelsea Beach issue.
  • Dev plan was ultimately approved by the State monitor just before end of 2017. Memo was sent to CRDA.
  • Gary Hill recused himself from discussion. Why?
  • CRDA board says no site plans have been introduced.
  • Atty for Trop suggests process has been non-traditional. Trop kept in dark?
  • CRDA Director Mulcahy claims board is here to make Atlantic City better.
  • Note: only 2 of 17 CRDA board members are from Atlantic City.
  • State and casinos are real power behind CRDA.
  • Mulcahy and Gant got spooked? There was a call for a motion to delay the discussion & vote.
  • Mayor Gilliam is target of much criticism. ‘Out of touch with residents.’


The CRDA’s next meeting to allocate millions, is Feb 20.

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